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The best tower defense games for Android

The tower defense or tower defense games on Android we have given much play, and keep on giving, from long ago. Perhaps it was one of the first categories with which the power to play from a smartphone began to emerge.

12 Games like Skyrim

Skyrim was released a long time ago, but it’s still very playable thanks to mods and an active fan community.

However, if you want to have a break from this game, but want to play something similar instead, there are quite a few games that might interest you.

How to get better at league of legends

League of Legends is the best known and most played competitive video game in the world. Although it appeared a few years ago, to this day, it continues to grow in popularity and attract the attention of e-Sports players and athletes. It is, in fact, the highest-grossing game on Twitch. If you are a League of Legends player, keep reading. We are going to tell you the best tips to be better at LoL.

Free royalty-free music for your videos and online creations

The most consumed content on the Internet is a video by far from everything else, so using videos to promote your website, your products, and your e-commerce can be a great idea. But be careful with the content you choose for your creation and especially the music, this must be free noncopyrighted music.

Analysis The Game: Until Dawn

The fact is that this new generation of graphic adventures creates controversy between the players, but it is also a reality that in recent years are achieving some popularity and acceptance. They managed to melt film, television and video games almost completely. Its experience affordable and direct game, based on Quick Time Events, give the player the always engaging experience to shape the narrative and history of the video game based on their own decisions, almost at will, in a dynamic, personalized, natural and film.

Quantic Dream, a pioneer in the creation of these experiences study or Telltale Games with good repertoire of adventures, are the best example of this style of play that is slowly making it a niche in the market, because there is a part of the public who knows to appreciate it. No regular players and players with callus. The first enjoy an interactive movie where you can bask claiming they are the ones who write history in a game that often seems almost real, and seconds are in such proposals an alternative to general catalog and a moment of respite in More complex mechanical game through an elaborate and deep history, pressing buttons at the right time and when I ordered. If you’ve played Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls or The Walking Dead you’re probably thinking that Until Dawn of Supermassive Games may be more of the same. You’re right, it is, but it is also true that it has elements that seek to differentiate, providing more than just pressing buttons ultimately show their own character.

Dark Souls III official requirements to run on the PC

System requirements to run official Dark Souls III on PC arrived and you will need a good deal of space on your hard drive to fit all this pain. The game asks 50GB of free space. Other minimum requirements fail to be so demanding, so if you have already managed to run the latest games, chances are DS III does not bring you problems.

Rayman Adventures – A mobile adventure to rescue all Incrediballs

Ubisoft has released another mobile game for the Rayman franchise, Rayman Adventures. It is the first game for free smartphones franchise – except Rayman Adventures Beatbox, which does not have the feature gameplay of the title on platforms.

One of the things that draw more attention is the graphical experience very faithful to what is the game on the platform. You have the mission to explore a medieval world, enchanted forests, Olympus and other maps with the hero Rayman or his Viking companion, Barbara. Throughout the game more playable characters can be unlocked.

Analysis The Game: SOMA

The sea floor is dark and contains horrors…

Said to be under the sea is the closest thing to being on another planet.  SOMA is a mysterious game inside which a brilliant history of horror and science fiction is hidden, but ends up waking up more interest the latter than the former. To find out, the game puts us just one condition: play your way, in a way that moves away from the current standard, betting heavily on immersion and experience-oriented horror lonely night masochistic player, we thank you still make games as SOMA.  However, its recognition, as happens to the protagonist of the game, probably end submerged in the depths of the sea. This is helped by the fact that the first-person horror is a resource too common in recent years.

Far cry primal shown in motion

Fortunately, with Far Cry 3: Blood DragonUbisoft showed that it was able to renew a fair number in the time that was beginning to falter. And he did just recycling the map of FC3 and using a eighties aesthetic that suited her wonderfully.

Remember The Mega Drive

The ultimate computer game console…

There is nothing like returning to unpack a classic console. Out of the closet again, connect your old cables and remember that first meeting, that first game, once again become familiar with its design and peculiar form of its command. I always find it exciting revive this process, a ritual with which it is impossible that you cannot escape a smile remembering all the good times you spent with that console, it is clear thanks to its games. The catalog of a console is the most important of this but also the peculiarities of some of these machines make some titles are especially memorable, to take advantage of certain unique technical possibilities of the platform.