The 10 best intelligence games for Android of 2019

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The 10 best intelligence games for Android of 2019

Today we bring you a new top with the best intelligence games for your mobile devices. We all know that phrase that says “healthy mind, healthy body” we believe that this is very true and what better way to exercise our mind than from our smartphone.

Mental games, intelligence, and skill can seem boring to many, I think that this thought must be in the past. Today we can have fun while we play and learn, proof of this are the next games of intelligence that we are about to see.

The best intelligence and mental skill games for Android

1. Mental Gamesintelligence games

This is one of the most complete intelligence games on Google Play. It has more than 30 games in which we will work on different sections of our intelligence. For example, the following: focus and speed, visual skills, learning strategy, divided attention, visual tracking, mental flexibility, verbal memory, visual memory, sequential learning and more. The game is completely free, this is undoubtedly one of the best intelligence games of the Android ecosystem.

2. Brain trainerintelligence games

Brain trainer is another great intelligence game that could not be missing in this top. We will have in our possession more than 20 types of mental exercise games where we will test different parts of the brain. It offers games of memory, concentration, focus, speed, precision and much more. We will have 19 sections, each section has 15 levels, we will start at level 1 and we will have to move forward. This is undoubtedly one of the best intelligence games, we strongly recommend it.

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3. Mental Games: Brain Trainingintelligence games

This is another game where we will test 4 key areas of our brain. Memory, concentration, analysis and mental calculation are the parts of our brain that we are going to strengthen. We will be able to play the more than 40 games that the platform offers, which are worth noting that they are unlocked and we can play them whenever we want. Training our brain is very important and this game does it in the best way. There are many games of intelligence, as there are few of them.

4. Memorandum: brain games

This is another complete (and very complete) intelligence game for our mobiles. Here we will work on 5 key areas of the brain: memory, logic, concentration, reaction, and speed. We will have more than 450 levels available in 15 games based on neuroscience. This is a game that presumes to be developed by neuroscientists so this is a very professional job. In MX Android we have tried it and we must say that it is too much to be free but of course, it also has a paid version that is definitely worth it.

5. NeuroNation – Brain exerciseintelligence games

With more than 12 million members and a good 4.5-star rating on Google Play, NeuroNation comes to put our brains in shape. The game has 23 exercises that come to improve our memory, concentration, intelligence, and logical thinking. This is a quality game, it is something that is noticeable in all aspects, without doubt, one of the best games of intelligence for adults and for not so adults.

6. Quick Brain – C CALCULATION Mentalintelligence games

This is one of the best intelligence games that focuses on the mathematical section. Quick Brain is a game full of mathematical exercises. Multiplications, divisions and heap sums are what await us in this great game. We will have different types of games, 30 seconds to answer the largest number of operations. In the time trial, we will have 10 seconds to correctly answer an unlimited number of operations. Undoubtedly this one of the games of intelligence that his or if you must have installed. The game is appropriate for both boys and adults. A simple game, but highly recommended.


7. Skillz – logic gameintelligence games

This is a game much simpler than the previous ones but too interesting. We will have 96 levels to overcome which we will have to unlock with stars. The stars are awarded at the end of a level, depending on our performance we will be given 1 to 5 stars. Skillz will test our memory, precision, speed, coordination, the sense of reflection and much more. We can also challenge our friends from the section “multiplayer” without a doubt a very interesting function.

8. Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a trivia game that we can enjoy without paying a single peso. The questions are shown in 5 different formats which are the following:

  • True or false questions.
  • Questions with 4 possible answers.
  • Flag questionnaires.
  • Riddles of reference points.
  • Flags of the world.

The questions that are asked are from the categories of sports, music, history, movies, entertainment, geography, science, and literature. If some category we do not like we can deactivate it from the game menu. We will have thousands of questions to answer, without a doubt this is one of the games of intelligence that could not miss in this top.

9. Millionaire 2017intelligence games

Millionaire 2017 is a game that reminds us of a lot of a television program and I am sure that more than one of you already knows what it is about. In summary, we will have to correctly answer 15 random questions which can be of any subject. In the course of this, we can make use of 4 wild cards which will give us clues as to which is the correct answer to the question in progress. We can not fail once or the game will end. This is a bit different from the intelligence games we’ve been watching, but we sure learn a lot of things by playing it.

10. The Knowledge Quiz

Last but not least we have that to The Quiz Knowledge. This is a complete quiz game covering 16 categories including history, sports, geography, technology and more. The game has more than 4000 questions which are distributed in 5 levels of difficulty. We will have 3 lives and 20 seconds to answer each question. For every 5 correct answers we give, we will be given a life. This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive intelligence games and the best thing is that it is free and adapts to children and adults.

With this, we finish this post of the best intelligence games for mobile devices. In this top we have variety, will depend on the personal tastes of each to decide on their favorite games. What we can say is that everyone brings intelligence and learning to both children and adults. What are your favorite intelligence games?

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