As video games affect our lives

Video Games

As video games affect our lives

Video games have always been frowned upon by many parents and experts as a means that wastes time and negatively affects the brain. To this is added the handicap of the media, which offer a negative image of establishing that racial or violent behavior in young people are related to this subject games sector.

Luckily over the years this has been changing gradually, and there are now many who see it favorably. Even neuroscientists have concluded that video games improve the skills of the player himself.

Video Games

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Science recognizes the benefits of video games

In the case of Daphne Bavelier, a researcher at the University of Rochester, which states that through his studies, has observed that action video games in the third person help improve the visual cortex, having a better image and data processing they reach the brain more reliably.

Even his thesis goes beyond coming to treat patients with lazy eye by shooters like Call of Duty, with very satisfactory results. He is convinced that each game affects a different part of the brain and in the future may help all patients.

Shawn Green, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, clearly argues that video games change the brain. These can affect its structure in the same way a person learns to read, play the piano, paint or any other type of learning activity. The most amazing part of his research is that the more violent games or some controversy, character are those that can most benefit the individual, as opposed to what they think the parents.

One of the main advantages gained through the action games is that the person has a longer attention span. The concentration level is so high that the head is 100% in what is happening there, no escape because something happens on the outside. In addition the entire nervous system works better, being able to perform tasks at once more efficiently, thanks to the game there are many things to be aware.

According to studies, young players have a bigger focus on academic tasks capacity. You can even combat attention deficit by video games.

Playing improve our personal skills and professional

Logic and problem-solving ability is improved. This can be seen in games like Angry Birds to help train the brain with creative solutions to solve puzzles presented to the player. Back to the shooters, they help to have better hand-eye coordination and a greater sense of space.

When we play video games make a more efficient management of resources around us. We know they are limited and we have to make the best use of them, just as would happen in real life. This ability is reflected in strategy games like Age of Empires or SimCity where besides the long-term thinking is encouraged, because what you do in the time will determine the future of the game.

The player many times do not have time to think must act as quickly as possible. High stress situations in which the mind has to work accurately under unfavorable conditions. It is a good tool for you to be faced in the real world.

Video games improve reading comprehension as they get we get into deep within the story trying that no detail is missed. The memory benefits of this process because remember many details. Same for guidance on maps. All are skills that will improve our productivity every day.

It is true that this hobby can be a tad selfish and competitive, but that depends on the personality of who is in front of the screen. The reality is that in recent years has encouraged cooperation between players, with many people socializing through the games, all thanks to the broad channels of communication and social networks.

Clans where individual entities seeking the collective good and links between players who had never met, establishing new friendships are created form.

How to avoid bad habits that affect us negatively

  • Keep the same distance to play when watching TV or surfing with the PC. Being too close tiring addition to damage vision. That leads to stress load and performance problems on other tasks. You are not using all the advantages of playing because of misuse.
  • The games have a special addition. Anything in excess is bad; it is a food or an electronic device. Be aware of what you do the number of hours you spend a day and always do the appropriate breaks. A good diet and exercise help keep the best possible conditions.
  • If you are a parent and you want your child does not have a bad behavior, it will not be a matter of video games, if not the education you receive. Teach appropriate values ​​and complements this activity with others such as reading or playing basketball.

Video games do not only provide fun if not positively change our brain and our way of doing things. No different from other forms of learning and entertainment. Therefore it is desirable to phase the stigmata taxes for many years. A negative response was shown to be wrong.

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