Video games like Tomb Raider for consoles and PC

games like Tomb Raider

Video games like Tomb Raider for consoles and PC

If you are looking for video games similar to Tomb Raider for consoles and PC, it is most likely because of the way to explore different scenarios, climb trees and high stone walls, and solve puzzles while fighting strange but dangerous enemies. That is precisely why we want to recommend some games that have these components and that we think you will love.

We try to make all of them relatively modern and with different settings so that you find one that you really love. At least most of them have a third-person view and scenarios with puzzles to solve. Hopefully, you like our list, and let’s go there.

Horizon Zero Dawngames like Tomb Raider

One of the most fascinating and exciting games you’ll find for PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn. In this game with a spectacular setting and truly inspiring graphics, you will get into the skin of Aloy: a young woman who is lost in a world full of robot dinosaurs and who is looking for the solution to a secret.

The game is presented in the third person and has many weapons that Lara Croft herself would use, such as a bow and arrows, as well as forcing you to solve many puzzles in different scenarios full of enemies. It has many hours of fun and we have written a lot on the subject. You can read other posts that we have made about Horizon Zero Dawn as Energy Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn – location of all or Best weapons from The Frozen Wilds – How to get them in Horizon Zero Dawn


The Uncharted seriesgames like Tomb Raider

Comparisons are always made between the Uncharted saga and Tomb Raider, and how not to do them. The Uncharted saga stars Nathan: a young adventurer who often travels through lost territories in jungles and hidden corners in search of treasures and answers to great mysteries. Does the premise sound familiar to you?

The structure of the last Uncharted is very similar to that of Shadow of the Tomb Raider: they are linear stories with many puzzles to solve and with a very directed story that is interspersed with areas where you can explore. We do not get tired of playing and talking about the Uncharted saga. We recommend that you take a look at our post on Best Uncharted 4 weapons – Tier List for PVE and PVP or our Review of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – A fun expansion

God of Wargames like Tomb Raider

The God of War saga doesn’t necessarily have to look like Tomb Raider … until we get to exactly this last game. It is true that the story of God of War does not put you in the role of an adventurer who explores the world, but rather that of a father who advances down a path like his son.

However, as in Tomb Raider, you will find a semi-open world to explore and many environmental puzzles. You’ll love it. If you know him, you might want to take a look at our post on God of War Dragons – Where to find them with their location or Analysis of God of War – The most human Kratos

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