What is ivoox and how does it work

What is ivoox and how does it work

In this visually dominated world, where we need bigger screens with higher resolution, and where radio seems to be in the doldrums, podcasts have been a breath of fresh air for enjoying audio-only content. . And in this “new” world of podcasts, you may have heard of iVoox. Have you been curious? We explain what iVoox is and how it works.

A platform for audio

iVoox is an online platform where you can play, download, and share audio of all kinds, not just podcasts, but also radio programs, audiobooks, conferences, etc.

Thematic subscription

One of the characteristics of iVoox, which differentiates it from other platforms of this type, is that it is not necessary to subscribe to a certain program or podcast: you can subscribe to a specific topic and have access to all the related audios, with which the factor “discovery” comes out very reinforced.

Free service

Both uploading audio to the platform, playing them, downloading them or subscribing to a theme or podcast is free. At the moment, therefore, the authors of the podcasts do not receive any type of remuneration either.

Playlist, Subscriptions, and other sections

If you are going to use iVoox simply to listen to audio, you will see that the web has several sections. In My Playlist, you will be able to add the audios that you find of interest and then listen to them all in a row, download them one by one, or take them to iTunes. In My Subscriptions you will see the programs and themes to which you are subscribed and if anything new has been added. In addition, you will also find iVoox Magazine, a weekly selection of outstanding audios, and a weekly Ranking.


Another of iVoox’s characteristics is that it is created in such a way that the user community is important. Thus, you can follow other users to see what they follow, and what they listen to, leave messages to the community, recommend audio, and see the recommendations of others.

Upload audio

In addition to listening, in iVoox, you can also upload your own audio. To do this, use the “Upload” option (to the right of the menu bar) and “Upload Audio”. You will have to fill in a series of data and details about the audio, add a Channel, if applicable, and press “Send”. Then you can upload your audio in mp3 or m4a or indicate a URL where it is already hosted.

Mobile apps

One of the objectives of iVoox is to help us save time, listening to things that interest us while we do other things: walking the dog, driving, and taking the subway. For this to work well, they also have mobile apps: one for iOS and one for Android. Use the app store search engine to download them.

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