Apps for running

Apps for running

You’ve decided to start running, to keep fit, or to shed a few extra pounds accumulated in recent months, and you’re looking for running apps that can let you monitor your routes and progress from the comfort of your smartphone (or tablet). That’s the way it is, am I right? So I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come to just the right place at the right time. In the following lines, in fact, you will be able to read some of my suggestions for solutions of this kind.

I will list a series of apps for Android and iOS/iPad dedicated to running, also illustrating how they work in detail. The solutions I have chosen to recommend interface with the phone’s GPS and allow you to monitor your relaxation: using them you can take into account the distance traveled and metrics such as distance, speed, time spent, calories burned, and much more. In this way, you will always have an eye on all the data to evaluate your training and, at the same time, you will be able to count on a sort of personal trainer, able to motivate you to continue physical activity.

So tell me, are you ready to start? Yup? If so, I’d suggest putting the small talk aside and getting to the heart of this tutorial. Strength and courage: start warming up, take your smartphone and try to follow the instructions below. I wish you a good read and I wish you big good luck!

Free running app

If you are looking for apps to run for free, thanks to which you can monitor your workouts and find the right motivation, the solutions that in my opinion, you should rely on are the ones you find below, available for both Android and iPhone / iPad.

Adidas Running (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

The first running app that I recommend you try is Adidas Running. It’s free, it works on both Android and iOS/iPadOS and, as can be easily deduced from the name itself, it was developed by Adidas together with Runtastic (the name by which the application was previously known). Track running, walking, and other cardio activities, set goals, view stats, and more. Considering its features, it can also be considered a valid app for running and losing weight. However, it should be borne in mind that to access advanced statistics and other extra features it is necessary to subscribe to the Premium version (at a price of 9.99 euros/month or 49.99 euros/year) which you can possibly try for free for 7 days.

To download and install the app on your device, proceed as follows: if you are using Android, access the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button (you can also go to alternative stores ); if you are using iOS / iPadOS, access the relevant section of the App Store instead, press the Get button, then the Install button and authorize the download using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Then, start Adidas Running by selecting the icon that has been added to the home screen, and, once the app’s main screen is displayed, tap on the Start button to register or on the Login button if you already have an account, then provide the required data.

If necessary, also complete the configuration of your profile by going to set the height and tapping the Continue button to calculate the calories. Next, allow access to location and notifications, set personal goals by tapping the Create Goal button, download the voice coach that will give you directions during your workout, and if you own a smartwatch ( Huawei -branded ones are currently supported, Garmin, Polar, Amazfit, Suunto and Coros.) and you want to connect it to the app, tap on Add a sports watch.

After completing the above steps, tap the Here we go! located at the bottom and close the screen where you are invited to try the Premium version of the app.

Continue by going to set up your workout, tapping the Activity tab, then the gear icon, and selecting the item Running and the type of workout.

If you’re ready to start running, press the Start button located at the bottom of the screen and start training. A screen will then open through which you can monitor elapsed time, kilometers traveled, and average pace. If necessary, you can pause the workout by tapping the button with the padlock icon and the Pause key, while if you want to end it, you must press the End button and the Abandon item .

After the run, you will see a summary screen containing statistics and information on the training done, also visible in the Progress section of the app. For more information on this app, read my dedicated tutorial.

ASICS Runkeeper (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

If you are looking for free running apps, I suggest you turn to ASICS Runkeeper. It is always a solution that can be used on both Android and iOS / iPadOS, specifically designed for running, with training plans, monthly challenges, and much more. However, the advanced functions, such as training plans and in-depth analyses, are reserved for those who decide to subscribe to a paid subscription to the Runkeeper Go plan (at a price of 9.99 euros/month or 39.99 euros/year) who can try free for 7 days.

To download and install ASICS Runkeeper on your device, access the relevant section of the Android Play Store ( or go to alternative stores ) or the relevant section of the iOS/iPadOS App Store and follow the usual procedure, then start the app.

Now that you are viewing the ASICS Runkeeper main screen, tap on the Register button to create an account or on the Login button if you already have one and provide the requested data.

Once logged in, if necessary, continue with the configuration of the app by allowing access to the position, by tapping the Continue button and the buttons Allow or While using the app from the pop-up shown on the display, and then monitoring physical activity, by tapping the Continue and Allow buttons. At this point, select Running when asked for which physical activity you want to use the app, press the Continue button and answer all the subsequent questions based on your preferences.

Once you have completed all the above steps, set your training via the boxes located below and tap the Start button to start tracking your run using the now visible screen, which allows you to keep track of the time, kilometers traveled, current pace, average pace, and calories burned.

If you want to pause training, you can do so by pressing the appropriate button, after which you decide whether to resume it by tapping the Play button or whether to stop it definitively by tapping the Stop button.

App for running on a treadmill

Instead of training in the open air, you prefer to do it at home and, therefore, would you like me to show you some apps for running on a treadmill? No sooner said than done! Find the best in the category reported right below. I sincerely hope they are able to satisfy you. Again, these are solutions available for both Android and iOS/iPadOS.

BitGym (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

BitGym is undoubtedly one of the best apps for running on a treadmill. It’s free, works on both Android and iOS/iPadOS, and allows you to train on the treadmill by providing in-depth statistics and above all by offering the virtual exploration of various places during physical activity. Basically, it allows access to 8 tours without the need to register, but it does not allow you to track your training history or set checkpoints, while by subscribing to the specific paid subscription (at a cost of 10.99 euros/month) you can try at no cost for 14 days.

To download and install BitGym on your device, access the relevant section of the Android Play Store ( or go to [alternative stores]( alternative stores )) or the relevant section of the iOS/iPadOS App Store and follow the usual procedure, then launch the app.

Now that you are viewing the BitGym main screen, view the introductory information and tap the Let’s go button, then select the Treadmill option as cardio equipment and grant the app the necessary permissions to access the camera.

Then decide whether to use the video camera to detect running cadence, whether to pair a Bluetooth sensor integrated into the exerciser or wearable device, if any, or whether to manually set the speed by scrolling the appropriate indicator.

Afterward, a test video will be shown, after which you can start moving and walking the virtual path shown. Depending on the choices previously made, BitGym will calculate the speed and proceed to stream the content based on the data obtained.

I also point out that by tapping on the screen you can access some additional options, including the one to activate or deactivate the audio with the sounds of nature, the one to check the information on the current workout, or pause it.

To access other content, touch the Done button and confirm your intention in the next step, then touch the Done button and, once the app’s main screen is displayed again, scrolling the contents to the right you will be able to select further videos with paths taken in various areas of the world and use them by pressing the relative Start button.

More apps for running on treadmills

Are you looking for other apps to run on treadmills because what I have already told you hasn’t completely satisfied you? Then immediately take a look at the alternative solutions that you find in the list below.

  • Kinomap ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) — it is an interactive indoor training app for running, cycling, walking, and rowing, compatible with stationary bikes, home trainers, treadmills, and elliptical or rowing machines. The application provides access to the largest geolocated video-sharing platform with thousands of locations around the world. It is free to download and can be used at no cost for a trial period, after which you have to subscribe to a paid subscription (at a cost of 11.99 euros/month) to continue using it.
  • Nike Run Club ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) — a great running app that can also be used to track treadmill workouts. It is a solution developed by Nike, as the name implies, free, easy to use, and provides its users with all the tools necessary to run at their best, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Strava ( Android / iOS/iPadOS ) — this is an app designed specifically for runners and cyclists. In fact, it allows you to record all the activities carried out to compare performance over time and also to connect to the application community, so it can also be considered a valid app to run together. It’s free but offers in-app purchases (at a basic cost of 7.99 euros) to access extra content.

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