Best city building games

Best city building games

Best city building games

Do you want to feel the mayor of a great city or the emperor of a great empire? A genre of the video game industry that can help you in this task is the city building games. Don’t just build cities, face the enemy and manage the resources of your town with one of the best city building games that we propose.

The genre of video games that consists of building cities is not too popular among the community of players, but we can find great gems of logistics that will make us enjoy while we build our empire (or city) with our own hands.

Surely you have more than once in the head, but surely you do not know the titles that we have prepared for you.

Without further delay, we leave you with the 10 best city building games

Cities in MotionBest city building games

Cities in Motion is a video game developed by Colossal Order that will allow you to manage a huge city. Both purely architectural and business. The main goal of the game is to build and improve a railway network in 4 different European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna, and Amsterdam. This video game, originally distributed by Paradox Interactive,  was released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows, although it later came through different versions to Mac and Linux.

Concrete jungleBest city building games

If you want to bet on an indie game that allows you to manage the distribution of a city, Concrete Jungle is your video game. As we say, this title was developed by ColePowered Games, a small British studio. The game came out in 2015 for PC and allows you to remodel the city using the cards you have. A curious innovation that can be interesting. Also, if you are looking for a cheap option it could be a good opportunity since you can get it for less than 10 euros on Steam.

Imperivm CivitasBest city building games

If you are a veteran of the videogame genre of building cities, chances are that you have already heard of  Imperivm Civitas, a title released in 2006 that allowed you to put yourself in the shoes of one of the architects who built the Rome we now know.

For this, you will have to take into account different points. Such as the fatigue of the slaves, the well-being of the citizens. The existence of temples and fountains or the importance of trading posts. Without a doubt, there is no better city-building simulator for lovers of old Rome.

City lifeBest city building games

City Life is a videogame of building cities developed by Monte Cristo in 2006, so if you knew the previous one, it would probably sound like this. A curiosity of this game is that you will have to face different levels of conflict, from small comments to extreme disturbances.

One of the striking points (at least back then) was that it allowed you to see your own 3D cities for the first time. In addition, this title has up to six social classes that you will have to take into account: Elite, Bourgeois, Intellectual, Salaried, Minority and the Needy.

Anno 1404: VeniceBest city building games

If you are interested in Italian architecture,  Anno 1404: Venice is the best option for you. This video game, developed by Related Designs for Microsoft Windows, is an expansion of the original title (Anno 1404) that came to light in 2010.

In this new DLC, we will have the option to enjoy new ships and send spies to other sides, a mechanic that we have already seen in other titles of military and political strategy. In addition, the most important thing about this expansion is that it comes with 300 new missions and with more than 60 extra objects.


IslandersBest city building games

Islanders is a video game developed by the German studio Grizzly Games that have come out this year, so it may be a good option if you run away from old classics. Also, if you prefer a game of building cities with a less realistic, more colorful and more friendly graphic look, Islanders will love it. The title avoids classical elements of the genre such as the accumulation of resources, traffic management, and technological research, focusing solely on accumulating the highest possible score.

Imperivm Civitas IIBest city building games

Who said the second part was never good?  Imperivm Civitas II arrives to break the rule. This is an FX Interactive title that maintains the same essence that we saw in the first installment, adding rather few new elements within the game.

Imperivm Civitas II will propose us to manage our city and defend ourselves against the barbarians with up to 3 different combat units: the Hastati, the archers and the equities (soldiers mounted on horseback). The video game has up to three game modes: Historical Campaign, Rome and Cities of the Empire.

Sim City 4 Rush HourBest city building games

The Sim City franchise is one of the genres of the most popular game to build cities. And that is why we have reserved this third place. This Sim City 4 Rush Hour is the only expansion that reached the title of Electronic Arts, Sim City 4. In this expansion, we will find different developments, such as new architectural styles, a greater variety of bridges to build, new tools, new types of public transport ( such as the monorail or the ferry) or new types of roads, including avenues or one-way roads.

Cities: SkylinesBest city building games

From the same creators of Cities in Motion, we get Cities: Skylines, a game of building cities that will allow us to take a small town to the lush of a large metropolis full of large skyscrapers. In addition, Cities: Skylines allows the use of mods to adapt the game to your needs. An ideal PC game for those looking for a recent development title. And who can get for less than 10 dollars?

SimCity 3000Best city building games

But if there is a game to build cities that you have to play that is  Sim City 3000, a title developed by Electronic Arts in 1999 that introduced many players in the genre. In this “new” predecessor delivery of SimCity 2000, they joined the advisors. Some small characters that will inform us at all times of the situation of the city.

In this video game to make cities, you will have to monitor the crime that threatens your streets. The well-being of citizens and provide wisely the supply of water and electricity. But that’s not all, because you’ll also have to take care of your waste, strategically establishing a landfill across the map.

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