Wheely 7 Detective

Wheely 7 Detective

Wheely 7 Detective

Country of the Games and Pegas Games presented us Wheely 7 Detective, the latest installment of a fun series that mixes puzzles and platforms within a universe where vehicles are very much alive. In it the player will play Wheely, a nice car with spirit detective who will have to help avoiding getting stuck in your way.

By a happy and carefree aesthetic where the different vehicles that appear have their own life and function, much like the characters from the Disney movie “Cars” Wheely 7 proposes a formula that mixes puzzles with moments of platforms through 15 varying levels where the game challenges us to travel through a world at the same time we use our ingenuity to avoid getting stuck. To do this we must carefully inspect the stage, interacting with each of its different elements and characters. Thus, we must make progress in this unique adventure. A lever, buttons, doors, different mechanisms and other support, in them could be the key obstacles to clear the way and move to the next level. There is only one way out!

Wheely 7 is really entertaining and is one of those games that really hooked. Get catch you for a long time and every time you beat that level again feel like little face the great challenge we plant the following scenario. It would be a mistake to think that behind its original and creative aspect its puzzles, type Point and Click, will not get to test yourself. In addition, the level of difficulty increases progressively each time we help our car to successfully overcome all barriers.

Besides Wheely 7, one of the selected titles in Country of the Games you will find more installments of this series, one of the many alternatives within the category car games offered by this platform games online.

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