Completing Prey in less than 20 minutes is possible and here is the test


Completing Prey in less than 20 minutes is possible and here is the test

Arkane Studios has returned to offer a game to live up to the expectations, although in the case of ‘Prey’ has double merit having to be measured also with that jewel of the past decade adding interesting plot turns, a very careful atmosphere and interesting possibilities Playable to the equation.

Now, although it went on sale less than five days ago and offers – in normal conditions – about 20 hours of play, the speedrunners are already competing to see who manages to beat the game in the shortest time, and the current brands are in less than 20 minutes, something you can see under these lines.

As usual, the plot load is reduced through shortcuts does not mean that they are exempt from Longplays spoilers, especially from the 8 minute, however, and as is usual in this type of Records- striking the Ingenuity with which users scratch every tenth of a second of the meter.

The YouQuber DraQu twice reduced the playing time of their previous attempts, the first below the hour of play and the second in something more than 44 minutes, setting their current record in a more than respectable 19 and a half minutes. A brand that benefits from exploits of the stage although in this case the key is in the GLOO cannon.


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Beyond avoiding enemies and avoiding unnecessary areas, the process is to use the general map layout and approach it through the floating steps created by the canyon, reducing the number of hours the game offers dramatically.


However, both the idea and the brand have been perfected recently, finding speedrunners that complete the experience in less than 18 minutes, as we can see from the channel Havrix twitch, and we are sure that the process can be optimized much more as the days go by.

The odyssey in the space of Morgan Yu is already among us and although there are multitude of ways to approach it we are sure of one thing: the Talos I always hides more secrets than it seems. Many of them will be a threat and others we can use to our advantage to survive … and do it in record time!

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