Six brand-building strategies that work

Six brand-building strategies that work

Every business needs a brand – and a strategy that helps to build it. After all, your brand is your business’s identity and foundation and, most importantly, the way your customers will recognise your business. Whether you’re an experienced digital marketer or a total novice, our brand-building strategy tips will help you make your brand memorable.
Know your audience

The most critical step in brand-building is getting to know your audience. Research your demographic – how old are they? Where do they live? What are their values? Finding ways to connect with your audience and align your brand with their values is key to developing a successful start-up. A professional brand strategy agency, can be very helpful here.

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Your name and logo

Consider these values as you begin to develop your brand’s name and logo – think about your audience’s emotions and try to empathise with them. A professionally designed and eye-catching logo, alongside a memorable, relatable name, will build trust and connection and ensure your customers remember you. Here are some helpful logo design tips:

Get emotional

You want your audience to become emotionally invested in your brand. Invoking emotion in your audience will impact how they view your branding efforts and how memorable you become. Aligning your brand’s voice, visuals and messaging to match the values of your customers can help achieve this.

Your website

A professional, polished website that’s both fast and functional is a key part of your brand. It should reflect your identity, incorporating the colours, messaging and visuals you’ve developed consistently throughout.

Social media

In 2023, a social media presence is a necessity for any fledgling brand. As each platform offers a different user demographic and experience, research where your business can best position itself. Create your profiles with consistency in mind and focus on your brand’s voice as you build a following. A brand strategy agency can also help you achieve this.

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Marketing strategies

Consider how you’ll market your brand. With so many digital opportunities available, including influencer and affiliate marketing, developing a solid marketing strategy will help boost your profile moving forward.

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