Internet is going crazy with the new Red Dead, and there are reasons for it

Internet is going crazy with the new Red Dead, and there are reasons for it

It is happening, ladies and gentlemen. Now yes, Rockstar has started the advertising load that will lead, sooner or later, in presenting his new and desired western. It may be called ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ or anything else, but the fact is that soon we will return to the Wild West, and know that we have enough.

To no one ‘s surprise, the mere fact that a potential new ‘Red Dead’ has stuck his paw officially has made virtually everyone go crazy. Crazy that in these times is becoming a trickle of memes, rumors and agile community managers who are taking the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon talking about his book.

internet-is-going-crazy-with-the-new-red-dead-and-there-are-reasons-for-itCan you imagine that ultimately ends up being a remastering and we stick all mouth to the ground in a big way? I hope not, really. While we wait to continue extracting more traces of hype jar of essences Rockstar, let’s take a look at what is brewing around the announcement of the moment.

Red Dead <insert your crazy name>

One of the issues of the moment, knowing how things have gone in this franchise so far, is to figure out how the game is titled. First we had ‘Red Dead Revolver’, and then the majestic ‘Red Dead Redemption’, so it seems logical to think that Rockstar will choose the path slightly change the name instead of adding a single number.

In NeoGAF there and who says that their creators walk releasing tracks on their official website code, which may well be a trolleo manual. ‘Red Dead Retribution’ is one of those who have most notorious, but seeing that the alleged leak includes other possible titles like ‘Revenge’, ‘Rebellion’ or ‘Kitty Cat’ joke options increase.

There are even those who already is being devoted to making chorra ready with suggestions for Rockstar, but (call me crazy) is something that most likely will be ignored by Rockstar. Or not, go you know. Whatever the case, I am confident that we answer to this big question sooner than later.

Red Dead Fantasy XV

One of the biggest bursts of genius that has given us the day of hype came on behalf of the official profile of Square Enix on Twitter to promote ‘Final Fantasy XV’. As if they had already prepared the message that you see on these lines, with the protagonists of imminent Japanese title role replaces the original artwork jeans were marked.

With more than 6,000 people saying they like and nearly 3,000 re – tweeting the message is clear that grace has left them profitable. And although in this case it is a fake, I loved the stroke of irony and bad baba that has marked the parodic profile of Nintendo America to appeal to one of the great frustrations of the fans of the Big N at this time:

Red Dead and other parodies to enjoy it

And of course, how could it be otherwise, the promotional images that have been falling like bombs have also become meme meat. The most savvy fans are covering social networks with reinterpretations and jokes of all kinds, which no longer pull the best shows you have this license. For more reviews visit

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