About walking stories

walking stories

About walking stories

We’ve all heard of them and surely by now you’ve been tempted to try some. They are called “Walking Stories” or “ride simulators” interactive stories that opt for an experience where skill with the controller gives prominence to the narrative and the power of a good story. They begin to enjoy some popularity and could experience a further boost with the advent of devices RV. This type of adventures generally have the virtue of hooked until the end although its mechanical in most cases do not go beyond opening a door, turn on a radio, browse a book or simply stroll while we discover a stage. Presented at first as oddities, the Walking Stories begin to be increasingly common and are on track to become a new genre. Are we facing a new style? Is a new way of narrating events?

However the game has always been an exceptional way to tell great stories without having to skimp on movements and Remote controls. Appealing to feelings presenting situations and emotional characters accompanied by lovely melodies is something that can make you lose your head over a copywriter who hastily and even with feelings to the surface, come to qualify some of these proposals as essential, even as masterpieces in some cases. Through its structured walks can experience less common situations and enjoy elaborate scripts while we dive into a hard atmosphere; however there are people who think this is not enough to categorize these experiences as a video game itself.

In the game players are part of history in greater or lesser extent but apart from the importance of knowing not innovate we must not forget the following: what is a game, who the player and the important relationship between the two. In recent years, different types of practices seek ever closer to the convenient position of a spectator. The player is not a creature like the movie buff or a reader, there are important differences but a good player will surely share his passion for the command along with the pleasure of reading viewing a good movie and. In the case of the other two parts it is not always the case.

walking stories

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There are great works whose argument is presented as the tip of the iceberg, the business card of something very big that after ending complemented with other important aspects and which together serve to name an experience we all know as VIDEOGAME. Of course not all have to be equal or share the same mechanical or structures but if someone decided to turn only to develop a story, at the same time should not miss the opportunity to offer the experience of the rich and original as possible.

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The difference that marked these stories, the key to its success and the total acceptance they seek, reside once again in power that the player is provided. Our decisions and actions should be the ones that give shape to these stories, generating consequences and ramifications on the grounds. This not only could to offset this lack of depth, lack of exploration and guided nature that so highly.

We all have an opinion on this kind of games as an experiment or occasional curiosity can be interesting. We contemplate it as a valuable resource that integrated or alternated in the form of traditional game, with the mechanics of life, it can serve to enrich the narrative and enhance the weight of history at certain times. A video game is more than just a beautiful and ornate walk, at least as we understand it. No doubt the argument or narrative are elements of great importance, in fact they can be vital for many when choosing, but the proliferation of such adventures, in terms so highly “tied” and surface as playable, the long you may end up resulting in a faster and less complex way of making games. And that’s something that’s not necessary.

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