12 Interesting Games To Play On WhatsApp

12 Interesting Games To Play On WhatsApp

WhatsApp may not have any built-in games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your mates. Here are 12 games you can play on the US chat app using your keyboard and a bit of copying and pasting.

  1. Rapid-Fire

This game is best to play with someone on a personal messenger chat rather than in groups. Just type a word that makes others think and ask them what is the first that came to their mind and get amazing and sometimes shocking replies too.

  1. Emotional-Atyachaar

Form a word using the emoticons and ask others to find the hidden word in it or forward some of these guessing emotions to your group and do Emotional-Atyachaar on your friends by letting them guess the right answer.

  1. Know Your Friend

Know Your Friend game is a quite fun game through which you can discover how well you know each other. To play this game you need to set some questions like 5 or 10 questions that you want to ask your friends. Once you send all these questions to all your friends, just check how many of them know you in real and answer maximum questions correctly. The questions that you can ask are like:

  • Where did we meet for the first time?
  • What’s my favorite dish?
  • What is my favorite Australia game?
  • What’s my dream travel destination?

It would be great fun to know how much your friend knows you.

  1. Age-Old Riddles

Will riddles ever get old? The answer is a big no, whether you played it back then or you play it now in the digital era. Riddles can be brain-teasing and exciting at the same time. Simply ask your friend a riddle and keep an account of the number of tries he took to answer it correctly. Make sure you don’t overcomplicate the riddle, it should be fun and easy.

Some of the examples of brain-twisting riddles that you can ask your friends in messages:

Name the thing that you can hold in your left hand and not in your right. – Your Right Elbow
How can you make seven even? – Remove the letter “s”, turning it into the word “even”
What is the similarity between “2 + 2 = 5” and your left hand? – Neither is right

The Answer: 89 years old

  1. Abbreviations Texting

  • OOTD – Outfit of the day
  • BAE – Before anyone else
  • TBH – To be honest
  • ROFL – Rolling on the floor and laughing

All you need to do is pick a particular category on which you will be providing the abbreviations, to play this popular game. You have to mention an abbreviation or acronym and then your opponents have to guess the correct meaning of these abbreviations. The person who guesses the maximum right answers is the winner. Categories can be anything like cars, the internet, etc.

  1. Antakshari

One of our traditional games which you must have enjoyed events and functions but this game could be played over text message also. The first one has to sing a song and the other one has to start from the last letter of the song (in case you don’t know how to play). Enjoy this game in groups and make your friends sing or you may also play it by just texting the lyrics to one another (for those who are shy in singing).

.7 Truth or Dare

The most famous game on this list also makes for one of the fun games to play in friend groups. This is an all-time favorite game to know each other better and to make your friends reveal their secrets. A person has to choose between Truth or Dare. If a person takes Dare they have to do a task given by the rest of the group. If they choose Truth they just have to answer a question asked by the group Truthfully.

Ask your heart out or put your friends in some interesting situations like what if you are the only person left on this planet or What if you reach an all-new world alone just like PK, where no one understands your language? Every member has to choose 1 of the left members and ask them for the truth or situation and put them in a dilemma.

If all of you are comfortable and share a covalent bond (chemistry it is!), you can also modify this game by asking personal questions to each other but don’t forget to delete the conversations as if someone reads this it may lead to big chaos.

  1. Unpopular Opinions

This is a simple game to play with your mates but would lead to a lot of interesting conversations and arguments. Make sure all your friends are online to Make the game more interesting. You just have to state an unpopular opinion like ‘Taylor Swift doesn’t have any award-worthy albums’ and just wait till people start attacking you for it or agreeing with your opinion.

  1. Sher-O-Shayari

This is the best time waster but the most entertaining of all. Consider yourself as Navjot Singh Sidhu and start writing some of the Shayari of your own of course and then let the other one write in the same rhyming tone. This sounds tough but believe me, just give it a try and you will be a pro in this in just a few minutes. This game can be hilarious, so be sure you aren’t playing somewhere that you’ll be laughing out loud where you shouldn’t be.

  1. First things First

This game is quite simple where one player has to write a word in the chat, and then the other player has to reply with the word that came to their mind first. This online game can be either played in a personal chat or even in the WhatsApp group chat. I used to play this with my cousins. Try this game.

  1. List Builder

Remember “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” from your school days ?? The speed and mind booster game? This WhatsApp game is almost the same. In this, each group member gets their turn to name something belonging to a particular genre. This could include movies, cities and their capitals, celebrities, brand names, or anything else your mind can conjure up and compete with one another. If any of your friends are replying late trust me he is googling it.

  1. Most Likely To Do

  • Who’s most likely to get married next year?
  • Who’s most likely to be the richest person next year?
  • Who’s most likely to buy a new car in the coming month?

Most likely to do is one of the trendiest games both in WhatsApp and Instagram where you along with friends can decide who is most likely to do something. It is a kind of question game only that can be played over WhatsApp where all you need to do is prepare a set of questions. In case you are playing a group, you all need to text the name of the person who is apt for a particular question. In case only two people are playing, you can mention each other’s names for a question.

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