These have been the ten best games of 2018

best games of 2018

These have been the ten best games of 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to this 2018, but not before dedicating a heartfelt farewell and a look back to see everything that has left us. Among other things, this year has been highlighted by the huge number of game launches, including many AAA titles.

So, despite having been released just a few days ago the winners of this year’s Game Awards, for our part, we also want to make a brief summary with those who have been, without doubt, our selection of best games of 2018.

And this year seems to have been dominated by consoles, without the prominent appearance of an exclusive game for PC, and with a large presence of the exclusive Sony. As always, we invite you to participate in the comments you think we have forgotten a title, or if you want to make a special mention to what have been your favorite games this year.

God of Warbest games of 2018

We started with the incredible reinvention of God of War, which after the release of three titles based on a “hack-and-slash on rails” model, also known as a “kill-kill” or “crush-buttons”, surprised us all with a new delivery full of strong emotions.

And it is not for less, because, despite the incredible list of releases this year, God of War has managed to rise as the deserved winner of the Game of the Year title (the famous GotY).

With this title, not only the saga has matured, but also its main character, Kratos, which we will see face the figure of a first-time father. But not only that, and that although the time between their previous delivery will also weigh on our Greek god, who can not avoid showing some ravages of age.

Thus, the subject of god-killing will be maintained, but this time it will introduce us to the rich culture and history of Norse mythology. In this way, the game will develop much slower, making a great emphasis on the history and evolution of it, which will begin after taking charge of the son of Kratos, Atreus after the premature death of his wife.

And is that something that is most appreciated, is the fact that the game runs continuously, almost as a movie, without showing any loading screen at any time, and making use of transitions of the most integrated with the gameplay.

God of War is currently available exclusively for PS4, and down to $35 until January (from $79 ); nevertheless, it is very possible that the new GotY version of the same will also be launched in the coming months.

Red Dead Redemption 2best games of 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the games that more “hype” has generated and rewarded, is one of the best games of this 2018, and that has managed to rise as the most awarded title of the Games Awards.

This installment is presented as a prequel, ten years before the events of the first installment, whose story will revolve around Arthur Morgan, another stereotyped cowboy who survives the decadent lifestyle of the outlaws, although he is aware that This way of life begins to approach its end.

However, do not worry if you are interested in playing the title and did not get to try their first installment, as it will not be an essential requirement to understand and enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2, even being able to play in reverse order.

If there is anything that characterizes this game, it is without doubt freedom. With the main plot that exceeds 40 hours of the game, composed of more than 100 missions, we can explore this western at our whim, with countless missions and secondary events, or simply enjoying its stunning graphics.

And is that what stands out of this AAA is undoubtedly the production of its graphics, highlighting as one of the games that have most visually surprised the current generation of consoles.

Currently, we can enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, under a shared price of $70 , although every day is more powerful rumors about its possible adaptation and arrival on PC.

Monster Hunter: Worldbest games of 2018

Being the first releases of the year, and having managed to stay on top, Monster Hunter: World can be considered the best installment of this saga so far.

While for years the niche of Monster Hunter has been more focused on Japan, where is its biggest focus of fans, the arrival of the multiplayer mode (both with the first deliveries on PSP and 3DS) and finally with the online mode propelled its popularity in the West.

In this installment, we will have an impeccable interweaving of history and cooperative gameplay, through a system of missions and contracts through which we can advance the main story of the Fifth Fleet and the New World, or make expeditions and challenges to achieve new materials to improve our team.

And is that Monster Hunter: World has a strong role factor state, maintaining its classic system of “farmer” of materials. However, the biggest change is the gameplay, which leaves us with much simpler controls (at the same time complex), and a more dynamic combat system that will allow us great freedom.

Finally, it should be noted that a large part of the game remains a success, is due to the huge amount of free additional content that Capcom is adding constantly, both with seasonal events, as with different cross-overs of games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Mega Man, or the recently announced Devil May Cry 5.

The game was first released on the consoles of the current generation, Xbox One, and PS4, only absent on Nintendo Switch (where another title of the saga was released), and arriving a few months later to PC. Currently, its price in consoles is around $50 and slightly higher in Steam, available at $69.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimatebest games of 2018

One of the last games released this 2018, and that just takes a few days available. However, that has not prevented this classic fighting game enter this top, because as soon we will tell our own analysis, it is one of the most complete deliveries of Super Smash Bros.

Beyond being a compilation with the best of its previous games (something quite present within Nintendo, with its versions “Extreme” or “Ultra” present in other titles), the implementation of the new system of Spirits, and the new story mode make this game around the title.

And we will be forced to play this new story mode because when we start the game for the first time, we will only have a small handful of available characters. However, soon you will see that it is not at all a contra, is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the new system of improvements.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in addition to the player’s own abilities and character, we will have some spirits (secondary characters from the long list of present games) that we can equip to increase our stats of attack, defense, or versatility, and that even they will offer us special abilities or the possibility of starting the fights with some object.

However, for the purists, it is an optional addition, so we can choose whether or not we want to use them both in normal games, online matches, as in tournaments and competitive modes.

In the coming days, we will add more information with our full analysis of the game, which is already available through the Nintendo eShop at a price of $79.

Detroit: Become Humanbest games of 2018

As in any other Quantic Dream game, all the interactive elements of Detroit are subject to history. Our main task will be to observe, listen and meditate what our next decision will be, while the closest thing to the action that we will see will be Quick Time Events.

In addition, thinking of less skilled players or those who want to enjoy the story without complications, has implemented a “casual mode” where the difficulty of these interactions is reduced to the minimum expression.

However, even if we do not have to aim, cover or perform spectacular escape maneuvers, it does “force” us to keep the command constantly in our hands. And is that even the most routine task (such as opening a door or picking up a book) is done with a small gesture that, almost magically, makes us immersed in history.

Regarding previous proposals of the study, Detroit: Become Human benefits from much larger scenarios that bring a certain sense of freedom. Although we can not get too far away (if we do it, a very bad barrier appears) if it invites us to lose ourselves a bit around the world, converse or find clues and objects. Some will only serve to better understand the universe but others, even the most insignificant, can be very relevant to the course of history.

Detroit: Become Human is an essential title for lovers of science fiction and highly recommended for anyone who wants to live a good interactive story. As any title of this study is not free of controversy and voices are heard criticizing that it is closer to film than video games, which is too short or boring.

If you are interested in buying Detroit: Become Human, we recommend that you take advantage of the strong discounts that Amazon offers right now, being able to find the game at only $20 (of its original 69.99).

Marvel’s Spider-Manbest games of 2018

As it happened with the latest installment of this superhero, again we are facing one of the great bets and exclusive PlayStation, this time with the help of Insomniac Games, and that presents a huge city in New York that we can explore our whole whim.

Beginning the story as a Spider-Man already settled, without having to go through the classic introduction of self-discovery of the already more than known powers, so we will soon enter the action and fight against crime.

This, in turn, results in the possibility of focusing the story in a different way, showing us the two faces of Spider-Man, who, beyond a superhero, is still a young boy full of insecurities. And is that other known side of the saga as Marie Jane or Miles will also play an important role in these types of situations.

It’s time to say goodbye to this 2018, but not before dedicating a heartfelt farewell and a look back to see everything that has left us. Among other things, this year has been highlighted by the huge number of game launches, including many AAA titles.

So, despite having been released just a few days ago the winners of this year’s Game Awards, for our part, we also want to make a brief summary with those who have been, without doubt, our selection of best games of 2018.

And this year seems to have been dominated by consoles, without the prominent appearance of an exclusive game for PC, and with a large presence of the exclusive Sony. As always, we invite you to participate in the comments you think we have forgotten a title, or if you want to make a special mention to what have been your favorite games this year.

Light blue

Maybe many of you do not hear this game, but honestly, it has been one of the best surprises that this 2018 has left us.  And this simple indie game has not only managed to get the award for Best Independent Title but also achieved be nominated among the top 6, ahead of several games on this list, being nominated to be the Game of the Year.

With a 2D pixel aesthetic, accompanied by more elaborate drawings for the map or scenes of dialogues of the characters, Celeste is presented as the second version of a first concept of what has turned out to be this platform game, which you can find here completely free , and that will serve to make you a slight idea of what awaits you in this title.

Beyond graphics that, although many believe that they can be “less elaborated”, are the most complete to catch us in the dynamics of the game, we find an equally fantastic soundtrack. And the fact is that the luck that Celeste was created by a small group of people, is that it results in something taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Although at first, it seems a simple game, we will face a curve of difficulty very well taken, and that will make us suffer a lot in the last levels. But that is not all; beyond the 6 to 8 hours we will need (the most experienced in this genre) to complete this game, we will have a lot of collectibles and secrets, as well as a “B-side” of each level, which will test our nerves and skill.

However, the difficulty never becomes frustrating enough to make us angry, causing us to dedicate hour after hour to the game without getting tired. Something that is also rewarded with the accompaniment of a great (although perhaps somewhat topical) story, with a great sentimental character, dealing with deep issues such as overcoming, or depression and oppression.

Currently, we can find Celeste under a well-deserved price of $20 on all its platforms, being able to play it on PC from Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Dead Cellsbest games of 2018

Another game of independent developer that has surprised many, and whose review we presented a few months ago. Dead Cells is presented with a much simpler concept: a roguevania platforms that will turn our little bit of leisure and relaxation into a new source of frustration that will both enchant and engage us from the start.

So, as a good title of this genre, we will have to repeat the levels again and again, trying to improve and unlocking new paths and objects for our next attempt. And is that we will not have any fixed level meter to help us make the next game easier because we lose almost all our progress every time we die.

But not everything will be lost. As we advance in the game, we can collect some cells, mainly by defeating enemies, and we can exchange for permanent improvements or new weapons (only the possibility of their appearance) as long as we manage to reach the neutral zone between maps.

Once again we find a game based on 2D pixel art, with deep and impressive sceneries and an impeccable scenographic quality, which, together with the soundtrack, will form a set of small details that manage to dump us in a total immersion towards the game.

Unlike the heartfelt story of Celeste, and while there is an argument, it really is not one of her strengths. However, we can find several references that will help us create our own concept about what happened, always accompanied by one of the most characteristic aspects of Dead Cells: the small references of black humor.

From the fans of the rogue-like genre to lovers of classic Castlevania, the “masochists” of Dark Souls, or anyone looking for a game that poses a real challenge, Dead Cells is a highly recommended game. Currently, its price remains at $25 for digital edition on all platforms, you can enjoy it on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC from Steam.

Forza Horizon 4best games of 2018

Whether or not we are fans of this genre, we must recognize that Forza Horizon 4 has been one of the best visual proposals of this year. And is that while it does not have the faces and expressions of Detroit, or the finishes of the architectural beauties of the ancient cities of Assassin’s Creed, the quality of detail of both cars and landscapes of Britain, as well as the passage of the stations by the same, is really impeccable.

In addition to the graphics, we will also have new activities and game modes, and an improvement in customization options, thus establishing itself as one of the best deliveries of this racing game exclusive to Microsoft.

Beyond this, this delivery is still committed to focus more on the arcade section than trying to offer a more realistic driving simulation experience; something that person is contradictory and very wasted.

This causes that history is kept as something totally trivial, practically touching the nonexistence, being even more just than in the previous deliveries, falling in the repetition of the excuse of the celebration of the Horizon festival, and only including a small bar of progress that we will allow to force the seasonal changes, and thus expand the available events.

Luckily, the fact of the inclusion of these stations has been a total success, providing a factor not only visual, forcing us to adapt to different weather conditions and motivating us to change and test the different types of cars for each situation and career.

So, these stations will also make us an incentive to move around the extensive map, as well as racing, hiding different cars and unlockable items hidden and limited for each one.

And in many moments we will enjoy more of the ride itself, saving more than gasoline, being able to find Forza Horizon 4 in the Microsoft Store from $49 of its standard edition.

FIFA 19best games of 2018

Giving closure to our list, could not miss one of the best-selling and expected games of all years, and that is why it is the sport with more fans in the world. A month ago we talked about our impressions of FIFA 19, and how this new version of the game has turned out to be one of the best that EA has published so far.

Repeating the single player mode, we find again The Way of Alex Hunter, this time with a renewed perspective that allows us to relive up to 3 simultaneous stories, among which we are glad to see the presence of a female figure, something more and more recurrent in these deliveries.

Thus, the rest of the game’s novelties, in addition to the great improvement and graphics quality, have been quite reduced to the game modes, adding new competitive formats with different variations in the rules, or even eliminating them.

However, the icing on the cake comes with the Football Ultimate Team (better known as FUT), FIFA’s online mode, and no doubt the part around which most users focus.

The main novelty is Division Rivals, which replaces the previous season system, and has proved to be a success. Depending on the level of the user is located in a division and depending on the points you get each week is placed in a position of a ranking, which gives different rewards.

FIFA has always played with the advantage of having the official licenses of the teams and this year officially includes the UEFA Champions League, which has integrated it perfectly in many game modes.

However, the possible return of new game modes such as futsal or 3vs3, being able to make mixed matches, or an improvement of the career mode (both for an individual player and for the manager), are improvements that we can miss in FIFA 19. Some improvements that surely are reserved to arrive with a dropper in the next editions, and that therefore, force us to remain hooked to this annual appointment.

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