How to be Youtuber and earn money

How to be Youtuber and earn money

The Internet has become a new source of income for people who know how to take advantage of social networks and the different content platforms that exist. One of them is Youtube, in which videos created by users on multiple themes are shared and hosted, offering the possibility of commenting and interacting, reaching millions of daily visits.

Any person of legal age can be a Youtuber and receive economic income for the creation of content on the platform. It is only necessary to meet some basic requirements for the channel to be a success. Discover how to be a YouTuber and earn money by making videos for your audience by reading this article.

What does it take to be a YouTuber?

There are some mandatory requirements to be a Youtuber and earn money. For the project to be a success, it is necessary to get to work on a series of keys that help to find a visible site for your YouTube channel within the platform:

Basic team

Anyone who plans to be a famous Youtuber and earn money needs to have a basic team to create the content that they are going to offer on their channel. The necessary audiovisual material is the following:

  • Camera with a folding screen to rotate it while recording the video.
  • A tripod allows you to fix the camera to obtain a stable image. It must allow regulation of the height in which the camera is located.
  • Sound quality is another basic element, so bet on external microphones to avoid hum or background noise.
  • Good lighting is essential for the projected image. You must give all the prominence to the subject that appears on the screen with respect to the background, with enough light to capture colors and details, avoiding harsh shadows on the face.

Positioning and personal branding

A Youtuber offers content to the public. Therefore, you are trying to sell a product in a market with enormous competition. By building a personal brand you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the content creators and position yourself as a product. So once you manage to gain a foothold in the YouTube market, the content created will gain value. This is one of the keys that explains how a Youtuber makes money.

Buyer persona

Creating several buyer personas helps define the tone and planning of the content. It is about developing a representation of ideal customers considered semi-fictitious because in practice it is a model extracted from the information obtained from users and their behavior towards the product offered.

With the feedback you receive from your followers, you will be able to determine the buyer-person of your content to improve it, thus using the most appropriate language for the audience.

Sell ​​the content

The first seconds of each video is essential. 80% of users see only the first 10 seconds, so it is essential to selling the content of that video from the beginning to capture the public’s attention. In addition, the constancy in the publication of videos helps to retain the audience.

Measuring tools

Another basic factor in how to be a Youtuber and earn money step by step is the management of results measurement tools. Google Insights and YouTube Trends are used to capture what users like, and the results obtained with the published content, and to evaluate the most successful videos. These are all the requirements to be a Youtuber and earn money!

How to make money being a Youtuber

There is no single formula with which to earn money being a Youtuber since there are different ways to explore that will have a decisive influence. Advertising, payment for the platform itself, and collaboration with brands are the main factors. Here we show you how to earn money being a Youtuber :

Online advertising

Despite being one of the most common ways to earn money on YouTube, it is the least profitable. How much do you pay a Youtuber with this advertising? In Spain, very little and difficult to enable: 4,000 hours viewed in 12 months with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your channel are required. When you exceed these figures, you will be able to activate this simple content monetization formula.

Collaboration with brands

Collaboration between influencers and brands is very common on YouTube. As it is a platform that favors the connection with the audience, gaining the public’s trust is more accessible and large companies try to get economic profit from this context by collaborating with famous content creators.


Spain is one of the European countries with the highest export of YouTube content, only surpassed by the United Kingdom. Even so, the platform’s payment for views is not very high: around 40 cents for every 1,000 views and reaches 400 euros per million views. In any case, to determine how much YouTube pays, the variability of monetization must be considered.

Crowdfunding Patreon

Through the Patreon platform, users can make periodic payments to fund content creators in exchange for privileges determined by the creators themselves. This route of income is focused on attracting donations from the audience.

Sponsor the channel

The strength of the personal brand of the content offered will determine the power to attract new channel sponsorships on websites, online stores, and other platforms outside of YouTube.

Sale of own products and services

Marketing products related to the content offered on the YouTube channel is easier by creating a personal brand. Once you have achieved public notoriety, the trust placed by users encourages marketing exploitation.


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