The worst-generation consoles in history

Consoles in history

The worst-generation consoles in history

The title of this article could have lengthened over the account, so we must add that besides being the most impersonal and unexciting of all who have lived generation also have to say that was the shortest of all. But the attributes, more negative than positive course, not only are there.

The feeling we have left many after the announcement of the new more powerful versions of PS4 and Xbox One is that this generation has been a complete scam. Constants remakes, remasters, the downgrade graphic, peeled content titles pending completion to blow portfolio and few exclusive games that have barely managed to leave a lasting impression. That is the legacy of a generation that began in 2013 and concluded in 2016-17, how much they want to sell the cheap excuse that the new consoles will be fully compatible with previous platforms. Its launch is just around the corner.

Consoles in history

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This industry for a while now seems to have reached a kind of stopper and an example of this could be the longevity of the past generation, the level and the situation of the game have reached such a level of evolution and maturity that reached many surely ask: “good now what?”. Meanwhile the years passed, they kept coming new games but no sign of the new line of succession, an evolutionary step that finally came because there were more balls and now felt (unfortunately I expected that) as a mere “expansion improved “Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s what they have become PS4 and Xbox One, nothing but quality textures and improved graphic effects, besides being the generation which failed sinister policies such as permanent hand connection or locks anti-second.

A generation of consoles to come out profitable may not last as long as before, even when they know they invent, so now we’re headed families consoles with different versions, devices with different designs and improved technical features that will be launched to market from time to time. This seems to be the new plan. Neo and Scorpio are now presented to tell us that the next step is to play 4K and the best virtual reality, but that is not all, Microsoft ensures that we will play with the ever created more powerful console a ditty that we have heard for many years every time a new machine is announced. With PS4 and One how important were the 1080p and 60fps that daily bombard us with these figures, now are 4K and VR goggles. Do we need so much power, so much technology if what matters are the games and no games really removing any exception, nothing but good graphics, powerful television and stars of the series that suddenly seem to be the salvation of this entire imbroglio. This “fair” is what is crucial now in video games.

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The eighth generation has been by far the worst ever and if I have to stay with something is with the dusty Wii U. Some “experts” what possibly the role they have played as platforms transition to this new business model, without but they also reflect a sad reality that is the state of a society and a conformist-consumerist public where companies prefer and give priority to youtubers rather than the traditional player.

Again, all this is a mere reflection of an indignant and angry players like me surely be a few. If this is the way to go from now everyone will have to decide their degree of involvement. I have it clear, I’ll sit on my PS4 with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy this comedy that basically nothing funny is when I think about how well they did keeping my old consoles and that great catalog stored so many hours real fun has given me. Delighted I will come to your call because I’m sure that someday tastes for the traditional way of playing and the old glories will not only be nostalgic passion of collectors and players. People will pay for return to enjoy it before, we have the proof of it every day, and then I’ll be there, ready to punish and taunt so much ignorance and stupidity.

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