How to delete games on ps4

How to delete games on ps4

How to delete games on ps4

Today we are going to explain how to delete games or applications from your PlayStation 4. It is possible that sometimes we have too many games installed and our internal storage starts to get small, so it never hurts to know how we can delete items from our library to free up a few gigs.

The saved games will be saved in memory, so if you later decide to reinstall the game you won’t have to start over from scratch. The option to delete items from the library is easy to find, but just in case we are going to explain everything step by step.

How to delete a game or app from your PS4

How to delete games on ps4

First, turn on your PlayStation 4 and enter your user profile. Once there, select the game or app you want to delete from the library. Keep in mind that the game can be reinstalled or downloaded later whenever you want. In addition, the saved games will be preserved, so if you reinstall the game you can resume your game.

Once you have selected the game, press the Options button on your controller. It is the one located at the top, between the touch panel and the action keys.

When you press the Options menu, a pop-up menu will appear with various options related to the game or app you have selected. In this menu, select the Delete option and press the X button on the controller to select it. With this, you will proceed to erase the game or application from your console’s memory.

A confirmation window will appear in which you are told that if you proceed the application will be eliminated. It also explains that by having the license of the application or game you can download it again. In this menu, simply click on the OK button, selecting and pressing the X button on the remote.

And that’s it. For a few seconds, a screen will appear with the message Wait a minute, but when the game or application ends they will have already been deleted from your library, and you will have saved a little space.

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