Why Doom was so great and why we want more?


Why Doom was so great and why we want more?

Viewing more than brief teaser that Bethesda has set this afternoon with the new ‘Doom’, that title whose leaders are knowing to lock with a blistering efficiency, little can say for now in favor of a title that aims to return this mythical franchise to its golden age, that they lived so long ago that many of today ‘s fans came to know neither.

But those who were lucky enough to see her birth and give rise to a whole era we know that behind these four letters fits always expect the best, so it is normal that our excitement knows no limits now.

Until 15 June, when the appearance of Bethesda in scheduled E3 2015, we cannot really appreciate what it takes in hand the veteran team id Software with this fourth chapter, eleven years later and the launch of ‘Doom 3’.

First shot, then wonder

No more previous explanations, no more introductions or motivations that knowing that here only survives the first shot; everything else is wasting time and we were not for that.

My strategy is that no strategy

There was a time when only turn bad language understood: the lead in his chest. And there we came to speak loud and clear to all who were about to hear coup trigger.

I am the weapon

The more complicated it gets, a man in the midst of a hellish invasion can only rely on the strength of their own fists to get ahead. What more beautiful than that of their way shape.

The uglier, the better

As we know, all the bad history is characterized by unsightly; increasing its ugliness level they become more evil. And if something we’ve been finding over the years in this franchise are particularly horrible bugs that stop feet.

Butcher profession

Are you looking for a restrained and suitable game for all stomachs? Well, open stomachs have seen a few here, that’s true, but do not think the Puritans of the place they go to convince the festival of blood covering the screen. Beyond them.


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Look me in the face when you shot

Simply the best state meter is designed in video game history. No further bars or more numbers, only a pixelated face and a gesture able to say everything at a glance.

I do not need to see you to kill

‘Doom 3’ was a dark suit in the most literal sense of the word, but who needs points of light when the entire stay is illuminated with the light of our fire weapon firing beings of the underworld.

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All we could dream

‘Doom’ was not the first, but the most defining of that generation of subjective shooters who attacked the industry by force in the early nineties. Although the series has not experienced a stable business continued since then, his charisma has not lost one iota of strength and who enjoyed the wildest action we owe a lot to the project conceived by Carmack, Romero and company in a genuine start of visceral genius. Although today there are other names that are responsible for its creation, everything points to the original spirit still very much alive.

The genre has evolved since then, how could it be otherwise, and by pure logic this new title will have to adapt to the current forms of design, but that does not mean that must be relinquishing its identity: direct and uncompromising violence without any restrictions, macarrismo unapologetic and adrenaline bubbling action. If the minds that now govern id Software, which have shown more than enough talent in recent years, they are able to remain faithful to these guidelines, success will be more than guaranteed.

There is little that we know at this time, but it has been confirmed that no lack basic details in the original classics such as the absence of ammunition recharge, the high pace of action or combat. And yet there will be more, yes, but as we have said, we will have to wait until the show in Los Angeles for a full ad that put our hype in the proper doneness, and hopefully also for a date unveil release not left us too far. By asking, that it is not.

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