The 8 best games for children Android

games for children

The 8 best games for children Android

Thousands of parents look for daily ways to keep their children entertained. Some achieve it by games, exercises or with tutors of early ages. But others opt for the help of mobile technologies and install educational and entertaining applications for their devices in their devices. little ones. Here are some best games for children Android.

Of course, it is always advisable to install a parental control system on our phone or tablet if the children will use our devices, and if they use their own it is also advisable to install some control to control the installation of new applications or the use of the app with payment systems. Below we show you a selection of the best Android games for children, both for tablets and mobile.

Alphabet in Englishgames for children

One of the first applications we recommend to install for the children of the house is this, as it will help you in a pleasant and instructive way to learn the letters of the alphabet.

This app has all the alphabet including the letters A through Z and also has real sounds and pronunciations with the human voice. The application will allow children to relate each letter to an object and learn the alphabet.

The application allows one-touch you can listen to the sound of a letter again and also set up slides so that parents can observe their children’s learning. This application has good social integration, but is intended for parents and not children.

Kids Socksgames for children

The Kids Socks app is one of the best tablet games for preschoolers in which children should drag the sock with the same colors and pattern to complete the pair. With this game, children will learn to differentiate colors, patterns and relate them.

This simple application allows you to activate the baby mode in the preferences for small children and so you just have to touch to make a pair. Also in the preferences, you can wear underwear, which will make the game a little more complex.

Animals games for childrengames for children

This application is a classic children’s memory table game that helps improve children’s memory skills. It will also help you improve your comprehension skills while having fun.

The game contains images of animals (lion, cat, dog and more) that appear on memory cards and is recommended for children of all ages, babies, preschool children, older children, and teenagers.

To play first you will have to see all the cards inside out. Touch one of the cards and remember the image that appears on it. Then, touch another one and try to find and turn over the card that has the same image. If the images of the two memory cards are the same, they will stay open and you can continue searching for more couples. If they are not the same, the two cards will be reversed and you will have another chance. Try to find all the couples you can as quickly as possible.

This app develops understanding, concentration and motor skills for children and features nice sounds and HD graphics filled with colors designed for children.

Educational games for children

The Educational Games for Children application is a collection of three games to aid in children’s learning and features sounds and texts in Spanish. The app reinforces the learning of colors and shapes, lets express creativity and amuses with the animal puzzle.

The app has more than 100 simple puzzles for children with graphics of animals and their sounds, to produce the association between them. The colors and shapes will help you memorize the elements of the game.

The game has two different levels of difficulty, one with the basic colors and shapes and when you have mastered it, another extended with more colors and shapes.

You can also expand the creativity of your children with the painting board, which has different colors and styles during the stage of scribbling (2 years), schematic (3 years) and schematic (4 years).

Clan in RTVE

With this application, the children can see the best series that are broadcast in Clan for children: Caillou, Clanner, Pocoyo, Tara Duncan, Jelly Jamm, Pokémon, Peppa Pig, Everything is Rosie and many more also in English and with drawings for color.

With the app, you can also enjoy the classic TV series: Dartacan, David the Gnome, Willy Fog, and Rui, the little Cid.

It also incorporates the Clanner Camera to take photos with your favorite characters and win prizes in the Clan contests. This application has its own parental control so that parents can choose the age range of their child so that the application only shows the appropriate series for that age and at any time, it can be modified.

Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja is an action game full of tender, sweet and delicious destruction that will allow your children to turn any fruit into slices with each swipe. It is worth noting that the game is just for fun. And does not show explicit or implicit violence, just a lot of fun.

Fruit Ninja Free includes three game modes that will make you come back to try to get higher and higher scores. Choose between Classic, Zen and Arcade modes to test all your fruit-cutting skills.

The success of your little ones will please the wise ninja Sensei, who will entertain your trip with wise words and curious facts about each fruit that will make the game more instructive.

Kids Numbers and Math

This is an application for your children in pre-school and in the first years of primary education, which will help with the learning of numbers and the achievement of elementary arithmetic skills.

Kids Numbers and Math will allow children to name numbers, learn how to count and compare numbers. As well as basic addition and subtraction operations.

This app has an elegant design, enjoyable narration for the identification of numbers and mathematical games and is designed with the small hands and mathematicians of the future in mind. It also has large, easily readable numbers. And a bright and simple combination of colors, friendly backgrounds for children. Such as hot air balloons, orchards, and an old-fashioned chalkboard.

Where’s My Water?

This simple game will help children find alternative routes and overcome obstacles. In it, you must help the friendly Swampy alligator guiding the water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging game of intelligence based on physics with incredible realistic mechanics.

You will have to guide the fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam. And chamber through more and more challenging scenarios through different places. From 4 main characters and 4 stories, you can face dozens of problematic situations related to water.

The innovative mechanics of the game will allow you to observe the water in different ways. And use your creativity to solve the riddles. You can also collect special items to level up or accept challenges.

All these games have been created by development teams dedicated to studying children’s psychology, which seek to teach small children didactic elements through technology. I am recommended games in this article are recommended for children under 10 years. But always with the supervision of parents or an adult who explains some elements of the game.

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