The 10 most addictive games of all time

most addictive games

The 10 most addictive games of all time

This list of the 10 most addictive games in history is a list composed of a lot of titles that have left us stuck to the screen without being aware of the passage of time. Who has not spent many hours fitting pieces to Tetris or jumping on Super Mario?

There are many games that have hooked us throughout the short history of video games. We have all spent our lives in front of the arcade machine, the television or the monitor of our computer with some title that has trapped us beyond repair. Long hours staying up late or entertaining us with the most boring waits.

No matter the genre, the platform or the year of release: in any corner of the sector we find several addictive games that have kept us hypnotized without being able to stop playing them. In this list of  10 most addictive games of all time you will find titles like:

  • Tetris
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Red and Blue Pokémon
  • World of Warcraft

The 10 most addictive games of all time

Tetrismost addictive games

That is to say, his name and his mythical music come to us. Hours we could get to move moving blocks from one place to another to improve our scores. Curious as a game as “simple” as Tetris can be so addictive and challenging. And now, with new proposals such as Tetris Effect or Tetris 99, the mythical puzzle game becomes ready to maintain our addiction today.

Super Mario Brosmost addictive games

Another whose tune resounds in our head when we remember it. Miyamoto’s successful 2D platform game left the young, and not-so-young, of 1987 engrossed. His simple yet challenging mechanics, his good balance of difficulty, his variety of worlds and enemies, and different abilities. Mario got us to spend hours and hours jumping around destroying bricks and crushing goombas with Super Mario.

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Mario Kart 64most addictive games

And we continue with Mario. Many are addictive Super Mario games, but after Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart 64 takes the cake. All Mario Karts are addictive, but the second of them took the legendary original game a step further. He hooked us into his frantic races in crazy circuits and with crazy items that secured the spikes at home with our friends and family for a while.

Red and Blue Pokemonmost addictive games

How we spent it in the 90s touring the Kanto region with our pokémon trainer. And how many hours we invested in trying to capture the 151 Pokémon and training our team to level up, evolve and be unbeatable. The little ones will remember their attempts to play from bed without their parents finding out. Oh, but the Game Boy screen had no light! It was hard to resist the urge and wait anxiously the next day.

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GoldenEye 007most addictive games

Do you hear that? Yes, again a remembered melody and … a shot! How many joys did GoldenEye 007 give us, a wonderful FPS of Nintendo 64 and one of the most addictive videogames in history? Its biggest attraction, and what made it more addictive, was its two-player split screen mode. Sparks and pure vice that brings us good memories.

World of Warcraftmost addictive games

If strategy warcraft were already addictive, imagine this legendary MMORPG, which still continues today to devastate. Getting into the world of Azeroth by choosing faction, race and creating a character was very attractive. Once we got into that virtual world we saw how difficult it was to get out of it. Improve our character, meet people, participate in major campaigns … Saying it is an addictive game is to say little, a second life for many.

Super Smash Brosmost addictive games

We have already said it before, a game in which Super Mario is involved, a game that is addictive. Super Smash Bros, is one of them. A fighting game that brings together a large number of Nintendo characters and invented and that takes away many hours thanks to its addictive combats. Fun, with very varied characters that you have to learn to master, a story mode to play alone and, of course, many spikes to offer with its multiplayer mode. It does not matter which delivery you stay with, it will hook you.

Grand Theft Auto IIImost addictive games

Rockstar revolutionized the genre and the open worlds with the third numeric GTA delivery. A great game that immersed us in Liberty City with surprising freedom in 2001. Hours we spent in the parody of New York trying things, doing crazy things and advancing in the plot that involved us with mafias and crazies. We could not stop playing and doing the hooligan in its streets. Something that would remain in future installments of the saga.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timemost addictive games

Another world that submerged us to catch us was the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Touring Hyrule and its dungeons was a most addictive experience. And when we could ride Epona already if there was no one to take us out of Link’s world. In 1998 we were fascinated by that world we did not want to leave either, something that we experienced again in 2011 with its remake in 3DS.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfaremost addictive games

His campaign we liked a lot, but what most affected us all was his online mode. Where Medal of Honor triumphed with its split-screen two-player mode, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare did it with its multiplayer online. His small maps, speed, and freneticism assured him to become the king of the shooters. Many were the players who spent long hours distributing lead in their online servers. A success that would be maintained over time, with other deliveries as addictive as it was.

So far our list with the 10 most addictive games in history, are only a few and we know that there is much more help us to complete it?

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