Stardew Valley come to consoles mid December


Stardew Valley come to consoles mid December

The genre of RPGs is surprisingly broad. From ‘Skyrim’ to the imminent’Mass Effect: Andromeda’ through the recently released ‘Final Fantasy XV’. However do not need to offer cutting edge graphics and storylines that evoke the epicidad for success and ‘Stardew Valley’ is proof of that.

Steam released earlier this year, the study stops concepts ConcernedApe side as our throne recover or save the planet and raises our life away from office and take care of the ruined farm our grandfather. Of course, life in the field is hard and demanding and this is not ‘Farmville’ precisely.


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Inspired by games like ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Animal Crossing’, we make our character level up and expand their abilities to carry out this highly addictive task, providing certain mechanical strategy and touches of adventure, and is that sometimes we fight threats and creatures to obtain the necessary supplies. An RPG without swords? That will not happen in ‘Stardew Valley’.

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But beyond making small repairs and combat enemies, part of the charm of the proposal lies in its social added, enabling us to establish friendly ties with our rural neighbors and even got married between harvest and harvest. Of course, all it has done with a very careful pixelart that will not detract one iota of depth to the title.

‘Stardew Valley’ will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from the next 13 and December 14 respectively, although its creator has expressed interest in developing a version for Nintendo Switch, a console that could get interesting advantages if finally confirms its touch screen. More on

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