Overview About Gaming Investors’ Tasks

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Overview About Gaming Investors’ Tasks

When you are looking for game funding and financing, we are gaming investors – Xsolla. As a gaming investor, you need to understand all the nuances of the video game industry. In-game markets, Cryptocurrency, Streaming competitions, and Frameworks for analysis are some of the issues you should be aware of. This article provides a complete overview of your responsibilities as a gaming investor. After reading this article, you will be equipped to make informed decisions in the video game industry.

In-game markets

The monetization of games is difficult for gamers, as they must decide whether to spend money or not. Without paying, players cannot strategize to win games and will either experience a depreciation of their in-game capabilities or feel frustrated and uninspired. As the complexity of purchasing systems improves, so does their technical sophistication. These purchasing systems aim to decrease players’ reluctance to pay.


Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you should know what you are getting into. Cryptocurrency for gaming is relatively new, and the system is still in its infancy. The prices of cryptos are volatile, and the value of non-fungible tokens can fluctuate. As with any other asset, you should take time to understand the risks and manage your digital assets. This can be a challenging task for some investors.

Initial game offerings are another common fundraising method in the crypto gaming industry. Initial game offerings (IGOs) use Defi instruments to raise funds from the general public. They are less complicated to launch than an ICO; tokens are immediately listed on DEX. In addition, investors must hold TPAD tokens to participate in the lottery. This creates a low barrier to entry for new investors, as well.

Streaming competitions

In-stream advertising company instream has won the first prize in the fourth annual Gaming Investors streaming competition, earning its founders a trip to London for a presentation with potential investors. Previous winners of the competition have secured significant funding and quickly expanded their businesses. Maciej Sawicki and his team founded instream in June of 2019 and are already attracting big names as clients. Here are five reasons why inSTREAMLY should win the prize.

Finding investors

When you’re looking for a gaming investor, you have a few tasks ahead of you. First, you should consider the type of investor you are looking for. There are three basic types of gaming investors. B list investors are people who have some gaming investment experience but don’t necessarily want to invest in your company. C-list investors want a more significant stake in the company and are more likely to cause trouble than help you.

Next, you should prepare yourself for the task of finding investors. Gather investor materials. Prepare a shortlist of potential investors, and then make it public. It is essential to choose the type of investor you want, depending on your project’s requirements. In addition to traditional investors, you can also look for specialized investors. These investors, usually successful developers and publishers focus on the video game industry. Examples of such investors are the UK Games Fund and Transcend Fund. Because these investors specialize in the video game industry, they understand the market and have extensive knowledge of games.

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