New trends in mobile gaming

mobile gaming

New trends in mobile gaming

The mobile gaming market is relatively new but one of the most used.

Video games belong to one as important as the music and film industry. For 2016, it is estimated that its global market will reach an estimated $ 86,000 million. It, much the games will collect mobile. Mobile and tablets have swept the digital world, and in this society Smartphone connected to the online games is one of the most used applications and have the greatest potential for future sales. Especially because according to studies on the age at which they are used, it was determined that they were used up to 35 years or even more, providing greater demographic margin.

mobile gaming

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The main trend of mobile gaming this year is globalization. The number of customers of online games and access to globalized Internet has allowed many companies to participate in this market regardless of geographical boundaries. For example, the figure of lottery games, such as play primitive, multimillion or fat Christmas, which typically is played in a certain place, can be used by a mobile application with the same chance to win money without limits some, with a low investment.

Another trend in the mobile game is F2P (Free to Play). It is something that is also found in the traditional game consoles, but in the mobile and tablet field, is the most popular model. This method allows attract a large number of users, without hurting revenue, since advantage in the ability to customize the game experience buying items, or through advertising, can generate and benefit both parties.

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Another trend in these platforms is to consider the game as a service. Before, with games console, a game developed and offered for sale, the product life culminated. It is now more interactive, discharged in the store the first version of Smartphone and then will receive updates, configurations periodically and new content, which prevents the user from getting bored of the monotony of experience. In addition to this, with the digitization of games, now the game can be saved in the cloud, allowing access the game so device is changed.

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