How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you probably already know how to make smooth stone in Minecraft. Smooth Stone is simply taking that process one step further. With its clean, untextured surface, smooth stone adds a level of refinement to your Minecraft builds that regular stone can’t quite match. But it’s more than just looks, as you’ll soon discover!

How Do You Make Smooth Stone?

How Do You Make Smooth Stone?

Here’s the simple two-step process to make smooth stone in Minecraft:

  1. Mine Cobblestone: This is the most basic building block in Minecraft, found abundantly when mining or exploring caves.
  2. Smelt Cobblestone into Stone: You’ll need a furnace (crafted from eight cobblestones). Place cobblestone as the input in the top slot of the furnace interface, and add fuel (coal, wood, etc.) in the bottom slot. This will produce regular stone.
  3. Smelt the Stone Again: With your newly created stone blocks, use your furnace once more. Place the stone blocks in the top input slot, add more fuel and you’ll get smooth stone.

It’s that easy! Each cobblestone block yields one block of smooth stone.

Why Use Smooth Stone?

Now that you can make smooth stone, you might be wondering if it’s worth the extra effort. Here’s why smooth stone is a great addition to your Minecraft toolkit:

  • Aesthetics: First and foremost, smooth stone has a clean, minimalist look. If you’re aiming for a more modern or polished feel in your structures, smooth stone is your friend.
  • Blast Furnaces: You need smooth stone to craft a blast furnace. This specialized furnace smelts ores and tools at twice the speed of a regular furnace – a serious time-saver!
  • Smooth Stone Slabs: These are essentially “half-blocks” of smooth stone, crafted by placing three smooth stone blocks in a row on a crafting table. They’re fantastic for smoother stairways and transitions in your buildings.

Creative Projects Using Smooth Stone

Ready to use your smooth stone stash? Here are some build ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Modern Homes: The clean lines of smooth stone are perfect for building contemporary houses. Combine it with glass, concrete (if you have mods), and quartz for a stunning architectural piece.
  • Secret Passages: Want to add a hidden lair to your base? Smooth stone blends seamlessly into regular stone walls, making it ideal for hidden doors and entrances.
  • Sleek Floors and Paths: Give interior floors a more sophisticated look or use smooth stone to create clean, defined pathways running through gardens or courtyards.
  • Defensive Structures: The blast-resistant nature of smooth stone makes it an excellent choice for bunkers, strongholds, and fortified builds.

Example: Building a Smooth Stone Modern House

Let’s say you want to use your smooth stone for a modern house project. Here’s a simple way to incorporate it:

  1. Foundation and Frame: You could use concrete (which looks fantastic next to smooth stone) for the foundation to add visual variety. Build the main frame of your house with smooth stone for the walls.
  2. Large Windows: Windows break up the visual uniformity of a smooth stone build. Try placing glass panes in creative configurations across your facades.
  3. Interior Finishes: Use a nice mixture of textures inside. Polished woods, carpets, and even exposed redstone circuits can provide visual variety and warmth against the cool smoothness of the stone.
  4. Landscaping: Don’t forget about the outdoor spaces! Smooth stone paths, garden accents, and a sleek pool surround complete the contemporary image.

Beyond The Basics: Creative Twists

Beyond The Basics: Creative Twists

Now you know the essentials, but how can you push your smooth stone usage further? Here are some fun ideas:

  • Mix-and-Match: Smooth stone pairs well with many blocks. Try combining it with other stone variants, wood, brick, terracotta… there are numerous creative combinations!
  • Custom Art: Create intricate patterns or even pixel art masterpieces on your walls and floors using different colored blocks alongside your smooth stone.
  • Stone Gradients: Do you have large structures made with smooth stone? Create subtle gradients by mixing a bit of cobblestone or stone into the walls. This adds depth and visual interest.


Can I find smooth stone naturally in the world?

Unfortunately, no. Smooth stone doesn’t occur naturally in Minecraft’s world generation. You’ll have to put in the crafting work to have this sleek block.

Is there a way to make smooth stone without a furnace?

Nope! It wouldn’t be much of a ‘smelting’ process without that fiery furnace. Furnaces are your key tool for creating smooth stone.

Can I make stairs out of smooth stone?

Sadly, no, this is one limitation of smooth stone. If you want smooth stone stairs, you’ll need to be happy with smooth stone slabs, which still achieve a clean, seamless look.

Is smooth stone stronger than regular stone?

Yes, smooth stone (and similar building blocks) boasts improved blast resistance over its more roughly-hewn counterpart.

Where can I find more build inspiration using smooth stone?

A fantastic source of inspiration is the vast Minecraft community online. Search for images and video tutorials using terms like “smooth stone Minecraft builds” or “Minecraft modern house ideas” – endless examples await!

Let’s Wrap It Up

Smooth stone may seem like a simple block, but its versatility opens a world of building possibilities in Minecraft. Incorporating the enchanting allure of a wither rose into your Minecraft garden not only adds a touch of dark beauty but, when combined with the undeniable polish of smooth stone from practical blast furnaces to eye-catching, design-forward builds, it elevates your creations to a whole new level of creativity and intrigue. Don’t be afraid to get creative and see what incredible structures you can dream up!

Let me know if you’d like more ideas on specific projects or techniques involving smooth stone. Happy building!

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