Horizon: Zero Dawn saved its best trailer for the final

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn saved its best trailer for the final

March will be very intense from day one, and while the next great adventure of a legendary series will await us at the end of the first week, the great debut of a new heroine in Horizon: Zero Dawn will shine with its own light at the beginning the month.

The new license from Sony starts with the handicap of aiming to be a new icon of the PlayStation brand and although the decision will finally have the players, we are sure that Aloy has what it takes to shut down after our final impressions. Of course, everyone likes to get the eye just before the release and its launch trailer meets expectations.

Horizon Zero Dawn

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We may not see a narrative that puts us in context on its plot arc, but it fulfills three basic tasks quite well: it guarantees that we will see action in abundance, it will give us a very specific vision of what Aloy is capable of doing in that open world and, most importantly, we can take a look at the majestic metal creatures once again.

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The machines and the mysteries of this apocalyptic land come to light in this Horizon Zero Dawn launch trailer … Are you ready to join Aloy in your adventure?

‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ will be available from March 1 on PlayStation 4, both in standard editions and in a very interesting collector’s edition crowned with a statue of Aloy and will serve to welcome the first major project The Sony console in a very promising year.

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