3 best roguelike games with retro style graphics that you can not miss on Android

best roguelike games

3 best roguelike games with retro style graphics that you can not miss on Android

Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing games characterized by the random generation of levels, turn-based gameplay, simple graphics and 2D with retro style and with permanent death or “permadeath”. The latter means that the moment your hero dies you will lose everything. We share some best roguelike games for you old but gold. 

Today I bring 3 games of this style that are delighting thousands of players on Android. We must say that they are very difficult games and that they will test your survival skills to use wisely the different objects that you will find, such as armors, weapons, potions or different magical elements. The good use of each of them will allow you to access more levels which will lead to the dose of adrenaline being triggered when you know that at any moment you can die losing everything.

The best roguelike games

Pixel Dungeonbest roguelike games

My favorite roguelike as it has all the features to be the best in this category on Android, apart from that it is completely free in the Play Store without advertising or purchases within the application. At the time you install Pixel Dungeon you will access all its content as it is open source.

Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike game with pixel art graphics and a simple interface for Android. Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon to collect all kinds of useful objects, fight different types of enemies and find the Amulet of Yendor.

It has 26 levels and continues to update today with very interesting news every time a new version comes. It is one of the best roguelike games,


A game that has a high degree of difficulty and to which you will have to play enough to play with it. Iros preparing to die every two for three, but this is what it is about, each death will serve you to learn that you should not do in the next life.

Retro pixel art graphics that meet its basic premise, 4 characters available, perfect gameplay that will hook you and some intricate maps that will take you through the different dungeons to try to find the Amulet of Yendor. Your installation on Android is essential.


Wayward Soulsbest roguelike games

Following the roguelike premise of losing everything when he dies. Wayward brings better graphics than Pixel Dungeon. And is based on a legendary title such as Secret of Mana.

It also has maps that are generated randomly each time a game is started (which Diablo 2 memories for this) and that allows you to control one of the 6 characters that can be counted on. Here differs from Pixel Dungeon which only has 4. Count on that each of the characters will have their own characteristics, skills, and equipment.

Wayward also has 13 different types of areas with all kinds of monsters, traps and all kinds of rare encounters.

Roguelike butt

Following the trail of Pixel Dungeon, we are facing another great game. But here you will have to pay the amount of $ 4.94 to enjoy a roguelike with good graphics. And a good set of options in the gameplay.

Cardinal Quest 2best roguelike games

Cardinal Quest will put you in the position of being able to choose between 6 different characters to test yourself to see how far you can get through their dungeons.

Like Pixel Dungeon and Cardinal Quest, the difficulty is high, you have permadeath. And all the time you invest in Cardinal Quest 2 can be lost the moment one of the enemies ends your life. This is the risk when playing a roguelike.  It is one of the best roguelike games,

Among its remarkable things are the 150 different achievements and 3 different acts that present different monsters and well-recreated environments. It has a moral system that allows each of the chosen characters to evolve in each game.

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