Tetris is part of the history of each player on this planet, who has not ever played in our beloved Game Boy? It is one of those names that undoubtedly make up the history of the game itself. This title 1984 designed and created by Russian Alexey Pajitnov, offers one of the most successful formulas and dissemination we have seen in this sector. How addicted is legendary. The years go by and technology advances much graphics in video games, but something as simple and entertaining as Tetris endures as a valuable and inexhaustible source of fun.

Build on the good classics, those who endure the passage of time, it is often a good idea when looking for new forms of entertainment for players. Through the web Country of the Games, a portal where online games are offered free, we can enjoy this classic formula to a new level through online games 1010. Players must place the shapes into rows and columns to get points.

In 1010Deluxe, you will need to practice your skills Tetris to show that you’re still being just as good at putting the various figures, managing them on the board and we are presented randomly during the game.

10 × 10 you play on a grid of 10 × 10. In this variant features a unique twist on the original formula that drops different figures. Instead of falling, you play with different sets of completely immobile forms. The player will decide when and where to move each piece.

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To score in 2020 you must fill the board. This mode challenges you to fit each and every one of the forms perfectly together. You’ll get points for completing entire rows and columns. If you start to make a mess, you can spend the money accumulated to change forms or clear different areas. A very cool version of the classic Pázhitnov.

In addition to these three interesting variations of Tetris, family games 1010 offers alternatives such as: 2020 Reloaded, Frozen 10 2020 Winter Earth, 1010 Animals, and Hex MultiSquare FRVR. These titles are currently Puzles some of the most popular among the community of Country of the Games.

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