Tried 0 AD, the Age of Empires II Free and open-source

O A.D. Free online Game

Tried 0 AD, the Age of Empires II Free and open-source

One discovers that becomes greater when you start to forget things. Months ago, a user thanked me naked ‘0 AD’, a game clearly inspired by ‘Age of Empires II’ to part with the advantage of being free and open-source. What is not remembered is that he had already talked about here in the distant May 2011! when it was still in its alpha 5.

For you yourselves to the idea, currently in its alpha 19 and its development team, Wildfire Games, still has a long way to go. But this is already taking shape and what needs can take hours and hours in their skirmishes recalling an era of glory in the RTS.

Should be noted, in turn, that ‘0 AD’ left in its infancy in the early twenty-first century as a mod of the ‘Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings’, although its creators took the wise decision by their own, much more creative freedom. One thing is certain: anyone on a pedestal the series of Ensemble Studios will feel at home in ‘0 AD’.

Its alpha 19, on the other hand, takes exactly two months available from their official website, version implemented, among other enhancements and bug fixes, a way of “ceasefire” so that there is a pact of non-aggression for a while default at the start of the games, or to perform a coordinated attack (either with a human or AI), to name a few.

O A.D. Free online Game

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This is better than a tribute, it is serious

Check first thing that catches the attention of ‘0 AD’ is the care you are entire product. And more so it is considering it is an alpha, a version far from complete.

True, it has a section that is not accessible at the moment, as the Campaign, where Wildfire Games promises to revive historical and legendary in this RTS missions, but that’s peccadillo to know that, first, we have twelve civilizations. Twelve!

Moreover, each has differences, both in its buildings architectural level as in single units. At Maurianos pachyderms and they are input to start a game with them, we see that one of the elephants used as “workhorse”. It is quite striking.

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Civilizations, for which interest you to know are:

  • Athens: Cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy
  • Britons: Celtic tribes of the British Isles
  • Carthaginians: A formidable force in the western Mediterranean
  • Spartan: A decisive military power around 650 BC
  • Gauls: Celtic tribes of continental Europe
  • Macedonians: Ancient Greek kingdom in the northeast of the Greek mainland
  • Maurianos: One of the largest and most populous empires in ancient times
  • Persian: Pioneers in building empires in the ancient world
  • Ptolemy: The last dynasty of ancient Egypt
  • Romans: One of the greatest empires of the ancient world
  • Seleucids: The Greco-Macedonian dynasty
  • Iberians: A people of mysterious origins and language

Despite the inevitable differences between each civilization, as happened with other deliveries of ‘Age of Empires’, the changes are not made ​​so obvious until we move to the second age, the unlocked in most cases unique units and buildings.

O A.D. Free online Game

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0 AD, a strategy game in the spirit of 90

Wildfire Games is putting a lot of effort to ‘0 AD’ and it is commendable that there are so vital aspects as its soundtrack, and that we speak, we insist, an alpha. Graphically it cannot compete with the greats of the genre, but it’s obvious: his team is more limited and very excited to put it, are not Blizzard with ‘StarCraft’ saga.

We are also talking, in any case, a game with a 3D engine that allows us to zoom the camera and rotate it at will, something that cannot be said of the classic “Age of Empires II’ (which also lacks). But that is not important when we put the mouse.

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The mouse and keyboard rather because it plays like an RTS. All basic commands saga remain Ensemble Studios: create constructions tail, giving orders to patrol, protect targets, render, and switch between formations and so much more. You may be attributed to the IA does not hold water in certain situations, as the villagers are locked in heavy movement in small spaces, but it is, without doubt, a more than worthy work.

Also, I liked the proposal to ‘0 AD’ by limiting the field construction space that gives us the main building. You cannot increase the radius and ‘The Settlers’, but we have other ways to increase our land by creating more bases or special buildings of some civilizations. That or capture certain buildings rivals because we can not only destroy, but is also the possibility that they are ours.

O A.D. Free online Game

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Wildfire Games is progressing properly

This change of mentality that prevents us before we plant the enemy base to build positions or the like watchtowers, there is the fact that between each tower must have a separation of about 60 meters. This is not like, of course, those who bet on a style turtle strategy games, but just encouraged to be more intense battles.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that not only the villagers can build buildings. In fact, the villagers cannot build all types of buildings, but are curiously some of the most basic soldiers. Of course, construction can start a soldier and the last ten villagers at once. There are things that never change. But it collides a bit at first.

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‘0 AD’ is also very flexible and its control is very convenient, especially when we apply appropriate improvements of every age. For example, when creating production queues for five units out of stroke or advise us how many resources we have left for something, instead of simply displaying what should be total. It is also an extra incentive that drives can earn seniority, so the ones that survive and defeat more enemies will end up being more powerful. Here the trick is to bring healing and protection.

In short, any follower of ‘Age of Empires’ will feel at home, and this is the best compliment that you can take. That or he eats Alpha 19 other RTS allegedly went on sale being completed. And it’s free!

Platforms: Linux, Mac and PC (discussed version)

Multiplayer: Yes, online (four players)

Developer: Wildfire Games

Company: Wildfire Games

Released: Its Alpha 19 leads from the November 26, 2015

Price: Free

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