Anime Battle 2.0

Anime Battle 2.0

Anime Battle 2.0

It was time to Poki and Country of the Games will raise us discuss a fighting game. Anime Battle 2.0introduces us to a championship martial arts where you can compete with some of the most famous figures in the world of anime and video games.

Since starting the game the Japanese essence is pervasive, its catchy tune reminds us of some of the melodies that you could hear in the great Soul Calibur and design of the words “VS” or “KO” that appear before and at the end of each fight, are clearly inspired by design using the latest Street fighter.

Anime Battle 2.0

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Of course, aesthetics Anime Battle 2.0 plasma screen is completely “anime” and the design of its famous fighters we liked. Its approach to combat 2D cartoon aesthetic offering reinforces that very showy battles where we need to unleash movements and magics that create spectacular visual effects within their various scenarios. During the fights, slowly have to learn to unleash powerful combos to triumph in all rounds of each match.

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At our disposal are several game modes: Arcade, Deathmatch, training, player vs. player and cooperative game for two players and three difficulty modes to be applied in each mode. The wide repertoire of fighters that are at our disposal together and mix a few famous figures impossible to find in other fighting games. No doubt, by the visual finish, one of the strengths of this game.

The variety of scenarios and different modes of play provide some depth and make this renewed one of the best recommendations within the category Fighting Games offer us Poki and Country of the Games sequel. If you like to try it, you can play online. For more reviews visit http://how2dream.com/

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