5 games to play with friends even if you don’t like consoles


5 games to play with friends even if you don’t like consoles

You still feel that putting yourself at the controls of any video game is really complicated since you have no experience. You confuse the buttons, you make a mess with the camera and you don’t know how to locate your character well on the screen. It is normal that in those cases you wonder if this video game is for you.

It is likely that many of the titles that fill the shelves of any specialized store are not made for everyone, but there are plenty of games to play without needing to have touched one in your whole life and it costs you practically nothing Become a true teacher in no time.

Today we wanted to collect the five best titles for you and your group of friends to spend a fantastic afternoon playing video games. In some cases, you will need, of course, the control of the console, but in others, you can use … Your smartphone!

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party


Nintendo is always a faithful ally to count on if you want to play with your friends and have no experience playing video games. You can find it on Nintendo Switch and it promises hours of fun for up to 4 players.

It is a game in which through a dice roll you will have to move around a board with squares to get as many stars as possible. These cost coins, which you get by winning in one of the 80 mini-games that the title brings. They exist of all kinds and there are none like them. And the best: take advantage of all the capabilities of the joycon and do not require you to be an expert in command In some, you will have to use the motion sensor to simulate the pedals of a bicycle, for example. In others, you will have to use the visual memory to find a hidden object or go through a hallway only by moving the control stick.

A perfect game for all ages with which you will enjoy a really special afternoon with your friends.


Knowledge is power


It is a Trivial type game where the grace of the game is to bother your friends so they can not respond before you. You have bombed at your disposal that if they touch them they cannot touch answers until after a while, blocks of ice that need several touches to unlock an answer or green sticks that will hide the available options and the screen will have to be cleaned.

It is a really intuitive game since the options appear on the screen of your smartphone and simply touching the answers or the power-ups that you want to launch to your friends you will have the title dominated.

It was you!


One of the funniest games to play with friends that you will be able to enjoy on PlayStation 4. In each phase, one of your friends is the protagonist of the scene and is about seeing who of you knows more. For example, during a scenario, you will face questions such as: “What would you take (friend) to a camping night?”, “Draw the element that would take you to a desert island (friend)”. You will also have to imitate photographs that the game proposes by taking photos of yourself or tuning selfies, among many other tests.

The approach of the game is really simple and everything happens on the screen of your smartphone. To know the winner, and here the grace of the game, whenever a question arises, the players who choose the same as the others will earn points, while the one who has chosen something he will only remain without scoring. Let’s see who is the one who knows you the most!



One of the best-known board games in history. It really doesn’t need a presentation. Dominate the world with your army and crush your friends. You have it available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.



One of the funniest board games of all time but in digital. Just too lazy to get the board, put the chips on the table and sit down to play a game. Now there is no excuse. Turn on the Nintendo Switch and start enjoying the game with up to 4 friends. If you do not know what we are talking about, the title is to place tiles of land to form cities, rivers, roads or cathedrals. Thanks to the fact that each of the players will be able to put their chip wherever they want, it promises a different game each time.

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