What is a Brand Personality?

What is a Brand Personality?

Have you ever heard people referring to brand personality but weren’t sure exactly what they meant by that term? Thankfully, there is no mystery involved and it’s quite easy to explain. Personification is the act of assigning something with human traits, emotions or intentions. When this is done to a brand or a business, that brand takes on a personality.

When human traits are assigned to a brand, it gives something that the customer can easily relate to. Qualities that can be assigned to a brand include human emotions like kind, caring, funny, trustworthy, rebellious, honest or negative attributes such as dishonesty or a lack of caring. The best way to understand the concept of brand personality is to imagine the brand as a person. What sort of person would they be?

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So, now we understand what a brand personality is and how to imagine one, what is the importance of a brand personality? Branding is more than a simple slogan and logo. In order to stand out in an over saturated market, a brand must evoke emotion in a consumer. That customer must be able to instantly relate to a brand and have an emotional connection that means they will turn to that brand when they need to make a purchase.

As well as differentiation in a crowded market, there are other reasons why brand personality is important –

  • To grow a brand’s image

Identity and personality are linked concepts that help to create a market image for a brand. The personality aspect identifies how a brand should behave, while an identity visualises this plan. The result is a well-rounded and successful brand image. For help from a Brand Strategy Agency, go to www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/brand-strategy-agency/

  • How to use the product

It is possible that customers use the same product but from different brands and use them differently depending on the brand. A strong brand personality helps to engage customers in the best way to use the product in question.

  • Relatability

It is easier for customers to relate to a brand with a strong personality and this makes communication easier between the brand and its customer base. A customer will relate to a brand if it sees the same traits in the brand that the customer sees in themselves, for example.

  • Increases the emotional connection

For consumers looking for more than just a tangible product, an emotional connection is important and brand personality helps to create that connection. Customers are more likely to have meaningful interactions which in turn boosts the opportunity for word of mouth and loyalty marketing.

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Did you know that 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands which they have an emotional connection with? That is certainly a figure worth pursuing when it comes to creating your own business’ personality.

To create an effective brand personality, the business must have an intimate understanding of who their target market is and what they want. The principles that must be developed include like, know and trust. These are the feelings that you need to evoke in your customers.

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