Free royalty-free music for your videos and online creations

Free royalty-free music for your videos and online creations

The most consumed content on the Internet is a video by far from everything else, so using videos to promote your website, your products, and your e-commerce can be a great idea. But be careful with the content you choose for your creation and especially the music, this must be free noncopyrighted music.

We help you find free and free music, these are the 6 best places to download free and free music to use in your videos with peace of mind and without breaking the law.


On this website, you will find a wide selection of free non copyrighted music that is also constantly updated. You even have the sounds arranged according to their theme (electronic music, Celtic, chill out, etc.), so it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for. The only thing you have to do in return is to recognize the author in the credits of your video.

Free musical

The peculiarity of this space is that you will find royalty-free music like for your videos from Spanish creators. It is a simple and very intuitive website. You can search by genres, by authors, and even by albums.

Free Music Archive

It is one of the most popular places to download royalty-free music, and this is because it has a wide selection of music with great quality and very varied.

One of its added advantages is that it has a player and you can listen to the song before downloading it. This allows you to work more efficiently.

As in previous cases, all you have to do to use these songs is to acknowledge their authorship in the video credits.

Freeplay Music

Here you will find up to 15,000 songs, so surely that theme is available that fits perfectly with what you want to promote. But if this extensive catalog falls short of you, don’t worry, it has a subscription service with which you can access more music.

Free Music Projects

This music bank has been created by one of the most popular radio stations in the United States, the WFMU, which clearly knows something about music.

In it, you can find a wide selection of songs organized by genre. It has statistics that will help you know the most popular topics of the moment, which can serve as inspiration for your video.

YouTube Audio Library

The popular video platform has its own bank of free non copyrighted music. You can choose if you want to transfer the music directly to your video or if you prefer to download it and work offline. YouTube Audio Library has a huge collection of royalty-free music.

One of the added advantages of this platform is that it also has an interesting bank of sound effects.

Music is the key to your videos

Music directly influences our mood, that is why it is so important that you choose the one you are going to use in your videos well. A good song can make you connect much better with your audience.

Surely with these six free and free music references that we have recommended you will create unique videos that will help you sell more and make your website more visited. What to wait to try them!

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