You can now download the demo of World of Final Fantasy in PS4 and PS Vita

You can now download the demo of World of Final Fantasy in PS4 and PS Vita

Cloud returns to consoles – once more – and does so in its kawaii versionwith ‘World of Final Fantasy’, a spin Original off series in which we will visit a world that combines different principal deliveries under a moving art section This does not prevent our protagonists become involved in traditional turn – based combat.

you-can-now-download-the-demo-of-world-of-final-fantasy-in-ps4-and-ps-vitaAnd nothing better than a playable demo advance as to check the proposed Square Enix and will allow us to meet again with several legendary personalities of their games and explore that universe preciosista and its possibilities.

‘World of Final Fantasy’ offers a triple proposal that combines several concepts of JRPGs: on one hand we capture and care for relatives monsters called mirages, on the other we must sharpen the battle system of our characters and finally customize various formations that we offer.

In addition, those who play the demo receive a reward, and those who complete it will unlock the ability to obtain Magitec P Unit at the Coliseum in the final version of ‘World of Final Fantasy’.

The demo is now available from the digital store PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, with a size of 1.2 GB and 565 MB respectively, the perfect prelude to the final version of the game will be available from next October 28. For more visit

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