Movies and Video Games – Star Wars: The Awakening of The Force

Star Wars

Movies and Video Games – Star Wars: The Awakening of The Force

Needless to say what has been the movie this holiday season, the “number one” in most lists and for spectators.  Star Wars is much more than a series of films, especially if we stick to the classic trilogy. A true mass phenomenon, even a way of life and a religion for many, also an inexhaustible source of profits in the form of products and merchandising of diverse cultures.

This year draws to a close it could have been, once again, the “Year Star Wars.” We could have had another great tribute to the series as a video game, but  Star Wars: Battlefront  was  a complete nonsense for the player, one of those take-quarters brazen hidden under the guise of loyalty to the height of the name used as a weapon.

For the New Year, a new film:  The Awakening of the Force. Having read countless reviews that lauded to the skies and comment very big fan of those who would sell his mother to a Wookiee before saying he did not like, the only conclusion I reached after seeing her, it is that I think I’m getting old. That or directly my thinking goes against the majority, which often creates a great satisfaction to me.

Star Wars

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Star Wars: The Awakening Force settles down 30 years after “Return of the Jedi” featuring a new generation of both heroes and villains dark. Of course, it also offers the return of some favorite characters from the fans.  JJ Abrams is the new manager and we must recognize that it has not done a bad job. However, in addition, to seem weak across the board, in my view recycled too many situations and characters from previous installments, in addition to having a pace too fast action. Since entering personal impressions as a fan I am, too I might add that some situations are questionable, such as a lightsaber battle between two characters, which takes place at the end of the film.

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Awakening Force does not clarify many things, leaving half and with many questions the viewer, obviously with dark purpose on the horizon to bring new films and continue squeezing the goose that lays the golden egg until it is completely dry. It is more of the same with a facelift. As seen in the screen has tried over the years to the characters of the original cast is something that gets touching a nerve, as well as attractive new Empire, but also reminds us how much more will stretch the rope. I bet my lightsaber and my TIE Interceptor they will until completely broken.

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