Fortnite season 2: five key tricks, tips, and routines to get better at the game

Fortnite season 2

Fortnite season 2: five key tricks, tips, and routines to get better at the game

We offer you five essential tricks to improve in Fortnite season 2, with unique tips and routines that you should perfect to be that great player you’ve always been longing for.

In addition to offering you many tricks for Fortnite, it is also essential that you learn from a series of tips because they will make you feel better when it comes to enjoying this playable experience and improving in a more ostensible way.

For this reason, in today’s guide for Fortnite, we are going to give you tips to be a better player, something that has a lot to do with your mentality and confidence, and that you should exploit from your next games.

Fortnite season 2: five key tricks, tips, and routines to get better at the game

Fortnite performance “improves”Fortnite season 2

Actually it is a psychological change that we can make in the game options. As you have seen after recent updates, Fortnite no longer has the same performance as we had previously become accustomed to, and for this, we must try to make our minds feel like before, with much more efficiency when playing.

Well, basically what it is about is making a series of changes to the game’s settings to make it work really badly. To do this, choose a region in options where the ping is above 100, and then if you are on PC or mobile, choose Framerate to a minimum. From here enter any game in creative mode and enjoy 15 minutes with extremely bad gameplay.

This will get your brain used to this gaming efficiency, and when you return to the original settings, you will feel psychological that the game is going much better favoring the comfort of your brain. As you can see there is no trick, but a way to deceive ourselves.

A good level for trainingFortnite season 2

There are hundreds of creative levels to improve in Fortnite but we must combine one where there is efficiency, agility, and great aim. We recommend this creative level that most professional players are using and that you probably don’t know yet:

Play what you likeFortnite season 2

There is no worse learning curve than playing a modality or a style of play that you do not like. This way, if you want to improve in Fortnite to be a better player, dedicate most of your time to the modes that entertain you, with which you feel better about yourself, even if it’s an unpopular mode.

In this way you do not feel obliged to participate, for example, in Team Skirmish, if you do not really like it, dedicated to the way in which you feel more pleasure when playing it, and therefore it will help us to improve our techniques better.

You must have a strong mindset

If you keep trying to convince yourself that you are not good at playing, you will never improve. You have to have confidence, and a good way to increase your confidence is to be very aggressive to destroy the defense of the rivals.

Although you are not as good as others, if you are aggressive and Kamikaze during the games, you will dislodge the rest of the players since they will not be believing that you have this direct way of playing, and you will have great options to get eliminations that you had never thought.

You have to be very cheeky in the games, and try to compensate for the lower quality that you can have, with a much more direct and aggressive game that can surprise.

Surround yourself with a player with similar characteristics for duos

One of the ways you could improve is in duos, but as long as you choose a player who has a level very similar to yours. So always try to pair with players with very similar levels, and if not, leave the game.

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