The best total war game for Android

best total war game

The best total war game for Android

War games are games that have always been very successful and popular, so demand is quite large. That’s why, so you don’t waste your time, we recommend the best total war game for Android.

War games have been on our computers and consoles for many, many years. With Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, the bases of the shooter were laid, a genre to which war games usually belong (although not all), and it was already popular to shoot your enemies in the trenches. Although it was done much earlier.

World War II has been a common idea since the shooter emerged, which made war the theme par excellence of this type of game. The years have passed and there are many games of different themes, so we will try to bring you the best games with different themes.


PUBG Mobile

best total war game

We will start with a modern classic. PUBG Mobile has made a place in the mobile of many players.

One of the precursors of the Battle Royale, the fashion genre. In PUBG which stands for Player Unknown’s Battleground, we will have to compete with 99 other players to see who is the last one left. It is one of the best total war game.

It is not the idea of ​​classical war, but it does share all the ideas of a realistic war, and it will convey the tension of wanting to be alive, because once dead, there is no turning back. You have lost.

The game is quite heavy, but if you want to play it there is PUBG Lite. For more modest phones.

Infinity Ops

best total war game

If you are more futuristic, maybe Infinity Ops is your game. It is an online game in which you will have futuristic weapons and armor, and we can also use vehicles such as tanks and more.

The future is a fairly recurring theme in these games, and if you liked other titles with this theme, maybe you should give this one a chance.

Modern Combat 5

best total war game

The next game is  Modern Combat 5. A game that, as the name implies, is based on current affairs, like PUBG, but it is a more classic and usual war game. It is one of the best total war game.

In this game, we can enjoy a story, a way for a player.

If you have enjoyed games based on the current war, giving this a chance is a good idea.

Cover fire

best total war game

If you like third-party games rather than first-person games, Cover Fire may interest you.

The classic third-person shooter game where the toppings are especially important so as not to be defeated by your enemies.

You can also customize your character, drive helicopters and enjoy a story.

Armored Warfare Assault

best total war game

Are you tired of the infantry? If yours is to drive a war vehicle like an Armored Warfare Assault tank.

In this game, you will be at the controls of a tank and you will have to take charge of destroying the enemy tanks.


best total war game

We return to the future with  SHADOWGUN LEGENDS. A game that Android players like very much. A good story, many weapons available, good gameplay and even more futuristic than Infinity Ops.

Call of Duty Mobile

best total war game

It is not yet available in Spain since it can only be played in Australia, Canada, and Peru. But it is possible that we will have it soon in all countries. It is one of the best total war game.

Call of Duty Mobile is a classic Call of Duty, if you have played on PC or console to the different deliveries surely this will be familiar.

The maps will also be familiar, since they have chosen the most famous of the saga, such as Nuketown, Hijacked and many more.

NOVA Legacy

best total war game

It seems that futuristic games work very well on Android. NOVA Legacy is part of a saga of video games for Android quite old. Legacy is the latest installment of this video game series.

Without much more mystery we will have to go through levels defeating all the enemies that appear on the map.

Valiant Hearts

best total war game

Not all war games are shooters, and they don’t stop being great war games. This is the case of Valiant Hearts. A Ubisoft side-scrolling game in which you will have to experience the harshness of war with the history that arises, where you will have to leave your house and your family to go to the front.

World war heroes

best total war game

And finally, we have World War Heroes. A game of the Second World War to use, if you are a fan of vintage shooters, surely you like it. It is one of the best total war game.


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