The best multiplayer games on Android mobiles and tablets

best multiplayer games on Android

The best multiplayer games on Android mobiles and tablets

If smartphones are more personal objects, they have never been incompatible with the best multiplayer games on Android. They offer a variety of games for fun to many, whether locally or online. FrAndroid offers you a selection among the best of them! Guaranteed without Link cable.

The best multiplayer games on android

PUBG Mobilebest multiplayer games on Android

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular titles on PC, and one that will have launched the latest trend of Battle Royale in the video game. After the developer of the original title was bought by Tencent, the Chinese publisher created a mobile version today just as popular as its PC penchant. This allows you, like the original game, to create a squad of four players to try to win your chicken dinner. It is currently number 1 best multiplayer games on Android.

Fortnite Battle Royalebest multiplayer games on Android

The competition of the royal battle would not be complete in the absence of Fortnite, the biggest competitor of PUBG on PC which is also available on mobile now … at least for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones at first, the second ones before wait for their registration to be validated at this great closed beta. Surprise at the end, however, since this is the complete game and not a mobile adaptation beast. You can play with your friends on PC, consoles and even iOS without the slightest worry. The real problem of the title is that it is not available on the Play Store: we guide you to download and install it. It is one of the best multiplayer games on Android.

Clash Royalebest multiplayer games on Android

In just two weeks, Clash Royale reached the top spot for the best mobile downloads. This game by Supercell, the studio behind the popular Clash of Clans, brilliantly mixes different types of games like tower defense and CGC. The interest lies in the real-time confrontation with other players to overcome their castle.

Pokemon Gobest multiplayer games on Android

Pokemon Go has improved steadily since the release. After the first year with gameplay rather contained on the player himself and his accomplishment in the arena, the cooperation is finally asynchronous, it is now possible for players to exchange Pokemon between them. What’s more, fighting with friends should not belong! Whatever more recommend the title of Niantic Labs, which soon became more a social phenomenon than a simple mobile game in augmented reality. It is one of the best multiplayer games on Android.


Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard’s Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is an excellent card game on mobile. It is inspired by the game principle of magic The Gathering but makes it much more accessible by simplifying the rules. You choose between nine characters that match the classes of Warcraft. Build your deck then jump into the arena to challenge other players!

Asphalt 9best multiplayer games on Android

Mobile car games are not missing. But a good game at the same time realistic, fun and competitive, it is already much rarer. The Asphalt series by Gameloft combines all these ingredients. On the program, cascades, good sound and scenery of dreams. You can play up to eight riders in asynchronous races and try to get the best score. After an episode 8 revered for many years, Asphalt 9: Legends is finally available!

Modern Combat 5best multiplayer games on Android

Modern Combat is a historical license of Gameloft. This is a first-person action game (FPS) where you play as a soldier. The mechanics are similar to those of  Battlefield and Call of Duty and even if some fans of the genre will come to take offense to find an FPS on a smartphone, we must recognize that the game is well optimized. The contents are generous, and the realization impeccable. The multiplayer of the fifth opus has several modes and includes a voice chat. Modern Combat Versus will be released in 2017 and will be exclusively multiplayer.


A good multiplayer game is also a game that will come to make you hate your friends. This is the case of BombSquad, a title that offers a multitude of game modes,  whose games can compete for up to eight players. The goal? Eliminate opponents with bombs, sending them to waltz off the field, or just fighting in hand-to-hand combat. You can also try the game of football taking care to avoid the bombs of your enemies!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

After the runners and portages of the classic platform games, SEGA Sonic’s mascot is also entitled to his racing game with Sonic & All-Stars Racing. The blue hedgehog enters the competition driving cars, but also aboard boats and other flying machines. In addition to the usual characters from the Sonic series, you can play Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue!

Worms 4

Who has never played Worms in his life? Simple but effective ! We all remember our parties to knock these little worms out with a bazooka, holy pomegranate, meteor or thanks to … the sheep. The Team 17 has released Worms 4 earlier this year on the Play Store. The title features online multiplayer experiences to play with friends or compete with players from around the world.

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