All you need to know about Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2

All you need to know about Gravity Rush 2

Usually January is usually one month calm on important releases are concerned, but this time ahead a few of the most important that we will see throughout 2017, with ‘Gravity Rush 2’ one of the first to hit shops.

For the wait is not made so heavy you can download a demo of the game for a few days via PlayStation Network. Just do not cojáis your PS Vita to access it because you will not find because, unlike his first delivery, will not be available for Sony’s handheld, but will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.

We had the opportunity to try the demo a few days ago, as we show in a direct we do it, and the truth is that left us with a good feeling, but what exactly can we find in this sequel? It is too early to tell exactly, but with everything, we know so far promises a lot.

Gravity Rush 2

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Kat, a high-flying girl

The first thing to know, for anyone who does not know the saga is that the protagonist is Kat , a girl with a mysterious power that allows you to master gravity at will . This will cause the players to shoot through the air in the direction they want, and can move anywhere just by pointing the camera at the desired location.

On the contrary, something that is happening as in the first ‘Gravity Rush’ is that sometimes it is a little confusing to know where we are or where we want to position ourselves reach. One drawback that has not been solved and that especially newcomers can hit them a little, especially if they are not used to enjoy titles like this.

That does not mean that precisely the gameplay is bad. Not at all, because neither is Kat moving at a speed of vertigo and at any moment, we can paralyze it and change the direction it is headed. At first it may cost a bit, but when a while and has been playing you are just getting the hang.

Furthermore, gravity is also essential to defeat the enemy, as ‘Gravity Rush 2’ is a game that contains enough action and most enemies will require that we finish with them attacking from the sky dive. So we will have to deal with numerous creatures called Nevi and powerful and gigantic bosses.

Kat will to defeat them this time with new gravitational powers. At the moment we know two of them that will modify their style of combat and the colors of their clothes. For example, the Lunar way increase the rate at which our heroine moves, while the form of Jupiter will make it slower to change it more powerful with every kick that Propine.

Gravity Rush 2

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A new world to explore, but on PS4

The scene of the first ‘Gravity Rush’ was immense. It turned out to be very surprising to be a game for PS Vita. Even today remains one of the most essential titles of the console. The bad thing for all those who hoped to enjoy a new adventure of Kat in it is that they will stay with the desire, because Sony has wanted that ‘Gravity Rush 2’ is exclusive of PlayStation 4.

It is clear that the main reason for this decision is because the console, being more powerful than its little sister, can offer a game with a higher finish and with more options than its predecessor. That will note precisely in the game map, we not only take you to explore a new city filled with lots of details, rich colors and with people everywhere, but also for its size, which is 2.5 times larger Than the previous one.

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This allows the world to offer players more activities, so there will be plenty of main and secondary missions or challenges that will test our ability. Another new feature will be found in the online mode, a mode Photograph serve to leave clues to other players in the world or trial mode to compete with others to see who is better or faster in some tests.

The graphic aspect also shows the passage of the years and the change from one system to another, something that can be clearly seen in each image or video that has come to light. And that Kat looks better than ever on PlayStation 4, with a unique artistic design and easily recognizable that sometimes makes us think we’re seeing an animated film.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that users who have a PS Vita are furious for having removed this exclusive, which was precisely one of the great excuses to get it. Which then would not be surprised to Sony people that the laptop is finished or dead, because with cases he is giving them reason.

The connection between both games by its anime series

Do not forget that not everyone who has a PS Vita has a PS4 and vice versa. This can cause people to start there ‘Gravity Rush 2’ does not understand anything happens, do not know the characters or interested to know what happened between the two games.

For this Sony has collaborated with Studio Khara to create the miniseries anime ‘Gravity Rush Overture’ , two episodes that tell us a total of 20 minutes some important details about the connection between the two games and that helps us understand part Of the argument of this new adventure, on which beyond these chapters we do not know more information.

If you want to see what you have available through the official PlayStation YouTube channel, although we also will facilitate the work and only have to click on the video that appears above these lines to enjoy it.

When will it come out and what price?

As we have previously pointed out, ‘Gravity Rush 2’ will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, causing its price is higher than it had been in PS Vita, for having gone on sale in it.

As for its release date it is within a very short days, exactly on January 18th. In a little more than two weeks, we will check if the wait to make us with Gravity Rush 2 has been worth, but if it is at least as good as its first delivery, then surely.

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