Adventures and blocks spurts: Dragon Quest Builders arrive in October to the West

Dragon Quest Builders

Adventures and blocks spurts: Dragon Quest Builders arrive in October to the West

Square Enix is immersed in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the saga of ‘Dragon Quest’ and if you recently gave to the usual subway station Shinjuku most illustration slate world, today announces the arrival to western one of its most promising proposals: ‘Dragon Quest Builders’.

It considered the ‘Minecraft’ license ‘Dragon Quest’, ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ premiered earlier this year in Japan and offers us return to the first installment of the series, specifically what is the kingdom of Alefgard after all the chaos and destruction caused by Dragonlord. Our goal will be to rebuild the kingdom and, incidentally, a new adventure fantasy, magic, dragons and countless blocks.

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In recent years, Square Enix has expanded the horizons of license ‘Dragon Quest’ through different proposals that addressed gender original s while maintaining the essence of the series. Much of this is due to the original designs of Akira Toriyama Master and will serve as one of the main attractions for players of all ages to work put into this old world to rebuild.

For now, ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ is the only title in the series whose release is dated in the West for 2016, confirming that the publication of this sandbox with hints of RPG hit PlayStation 4 and PS Vita from next October.

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