10 amazing games for VR BOX

games for VR BOX

10 amazing games for VR BOX

This last time we have seen the appearance in the market of a lot of virtual reality lenses, also called VR glasses, at a real economic price, which will make it possible for anyone to have  an accessory that can be used with the cell phone to play or use virtual reality apps in a  simple way and without having to spend a fortune for it. We share some games for VR BOX.

With these economic virtual reality lenses, we can achieve an impressive sense of depth, which is not comparable to what a device designed specifically for this purpose, that is, with the hardware and features suitable for achieving true virtual reality,  can offer. True, they are close enough, and at a much more comfortable price.

At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that with this type of economic VR lenses. Both the processing of the screen and the sound and the execution of the app is carried out by the telephone hardware, so if we plan to use one of these glasses,  the best thing is that we have a cell phone that is up to the requirements,  including that the size of the screen  is between 4.7 and 6 inches.

It is also necessary to know that not all phones are suitable for this type of virtual reality lenses. It is also very important that our phone has a gyroscope. Because without this sensor we can not enjoy the most interesting features of these VR devices.

What are the VR Boxes?

Leaving aside these considerations,  and if we have a device that meets the requirements to use this type of virtual reality lenses, one of the most interesting alternatives on the market are the VR Box calls, both for the price and for features and quality of manufacturing.

Basically, VR Box lenses are a kind of plastic helmet in which we must fit our smartphone. Inside the receptacle of the device, we will find the elements that will allow us to secure the phone to the structure so that it is still. In addition to the lenses necessary to produce the effect of virtual reality.

Likewise,  the VR Boxes or virtual reality lenses provide everything necessary to enjoy virtual reality with comfort and security,  which include tapes to our head, security pads to prevent the smartphone from scratching or press the buttons, padded to avoid injuries to the face,  and best of all is that we can adapt without problems to our face thanks to the internal fasteners.

Another interesting point about these economical VR Box lenses is that they include a Bluetooth control with which to control games more comfortably and smoothly.

Play with VR Box

If we take into consideration that a real virtual reality platform, ie devices such as Oculus Rift or the HTC Vice can become really expensive and therefore alien to most budgets,  the VR Box glasses are a more than viable alternative to be able to enter the world of virtual reality  with a more than satisfactory experience of use.

In this sense,  one of the fields in which we can best take advantage of VR Box glasses is games.  And while there are other applications that take advantage of virtual reality. The truth is that the largest percentage are games. So, to play with the VR Box!

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The best games for VR Box

While still, the catalog of games for VR Box that we can find in Android or iOS stores is not very broad,  the truth is that we can find games for VR Box very entertaining and exciting. Of course they will not have the level of development that applications have for Oculus Rift, however, the level is more than enough to have a good time playing with them.

VR Sneaking Mission 2games for VR BOX

VR Sneaking Mission 2 is a virtual reality game very much in line with Metal Gear Solid, a classic of the Playstation 1 platform. If this type of theme and scenarios are our favorites. Then we should not lose a second to know it. Because that will reach our expectations as soon as we start playing it.

Basically,  VR Sneaking Mission 2 is a game of tactical espionage that takes advantage of virtual reality to take the genre to another level, an objective that they have achieved with success.

VR Mage Vanguard

Excellent virtual reality game where magic and swords always have their place. VR Mage Vanguard. This title stands out due to the high quality of its graphics and the music that accompanies the game.

The purpose of the game is for the player to get through a previously determined route while solving all the problems that get in the way.

Proton Pulse

Proton is an RV game created by the same developers who created Vanguard V,  which guarantees a fairly high level of quality. Basically,  Proton gets its aesthetics and its modes from arcade games, which makes it very fun.

This time it is a game in which we will have to break the blocks with a ball that will bounce according to the different elements of the game to avoid that the ball leaves the area of the game.

All this we must do with our eyes through our VR Box glasses,  which makes it terribly fun and addictive.


Hardcore is a game belonging to the category of shooting in the third person,  ie with a game mode similar to Resident Evil or Gears of War, back and full body. In this case, Hardcode has been designed to take advantage of the best features of virtual reality,  which really gets very good.

It should be noted that one of the best features of  Hardcore is that it allows multiplayer gameplay, which can offer hours and hours of the version with our friends, all through the Internet or a local network.

VR Pacman

As nobody can ignore,  Pacman is one of the best-known games that can exist, with a very extensive history.  In addition, over the years it has become a classic that everyone wants to play again. Hence the reissues of the same that every time out to the market for all platforms.

In this case,  virtual reality and  Pacman have come together. So that we can eat all the Pac-dots and fruits that we can without being caught by ghosts.

In this new installment of the Pacman,  this time in the field of virtual reality. We can play it as ever thanks to the VR Box glasses,  which offers an environment as we have never seen, and much more fun.


While at first glance  Caaaaardboard may seem a fairly simple virtual reality game.  The truth is that it offers sensations of vertigo much more desperate than we can imagine.

If we are among those who do not even mind when watching parkour videos, Caaaaardboard is the ideal game for us. But in the safety of our favorite armchair,  without having to climb any ceiling.

Roller Coaster VR Attractions

Like Caaaaardboard,  Roller Coaster VR is another virtual reality game designed for those who have no problems with heights or with the G-forces. In this case, it is about enjoying all the vertigo that occurs when we ride a roller coaster. Including falls, braking climbs and so on.

End Space VR

Basically, End Space VR is a game of the type First Person Shooter fully developed for fans of space battles. End Space VR offers us the possibility of being a pilot of spaceships, controlling them with the movement of our head where we want, being able to fire our weaponry against our opponents through the Bluetooth control that includes the VR Box lenses.

Dead Zombies Survival VR

The zombies are among us, the city is full of undead that after the attack of a mysterious virus from which no one knows the origin. And each of the survivors of the apocalypse. We must become experienced zombie killers, or face a safe conversion.

Basically, Dead Zombies Survival VR is a virtual reality game of zombies where we have to develop our skills to overcome all kinds of inconveniences to survive an attack of the undead. In this sense, the virtual reality game is very well achieved and fulfills its purpose.

VR Horror

As advised from their official website, if we have epilepsy or heart problems. We must be extremely careful when we play this game of VR. However, it is very addictive, since VR Horror offers a truly dramatic VR experience. Since it combines spells, mystery and a lot of horror in a single mission: Surviving its walls. It is also completely free, which makes it much more interesting.

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