Dead by Daylight, Michael Myers joined to celebrate Halloween

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, Michael Myers joined to celebrate Halloween

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween, but you cannot deny that Michael Meyers has always managed to give a touch of color – red, to be more precise to these festivities since it was released in theaters ‘Halloween Night’ in 1978. a tradition that continues today through the latest DLC of ‘Dead by Daylight’.

Behavior Interactive has announced that from today is it available on Steam ‘Dead by Daylight: The Halloween Chapter’, a package of content that will add to the ruthless murderer of the films of John Carpenter with own Laurie Strode as a survivor and a new map.

Dead by Daylight

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Of course, Michael Myers will have a number of unique features as a murderer. On the one hand, Myers will have two modes as victims has been collected, which means that at first his movements will be less agile but have a high level of perception and, as will removing survivors, these skills will be invested.

In addition, Myers will have a special skill: the obsession. Thus, you will select a victim with whom will not have recovery times in their attacks, gaining speed and groping our attributes if that user without annihilating. In addition, if you delete a player with whom he is obsessed, the remaining survivors suffer a penalty.

‘Dead by Daylight’ is an online multiplayer 4 to 1, where one of the users will take the role of the murderer while the remaining 4 will try to survive it. Although there is still room for Halloween, Mike Myers began his bloody hunting from today on Steam.

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