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The mother of video games

Pioneer, creator of genres and a unique talent that has given us a few unforgettable game. Often the great legacy of Yu Suzuki unfairly is not remembered as it deserves when compared to other common figures from the land of the rising sun such as Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto.

The stirred and unstoppable mind of this creative has always shown great versatility through the catalog of works that make up his career; a set of titles that remind us carefully analyzed its value. These bets were revolutionary at the time and now get its own merits, stay in  the memory of many  treasuring its magic thanks to the unique style of its creator. Then we review the most notable of one of the most remarkable figures in the sector work. Continue reading The mother of video games

Star Wars

Movies and Video Games – Star Wars: The Awakening of The Force

Needless to say what has been the movie this holiday season, the “number one” in most lists and for spectators.  Star Wars is much more than a series of films, especially if we stick to the classic trilogy. A true mass phenomenon, even a way of life and a religion for many, also an inexhaustible source of profits in the form of products and merchandising of diverse cultures. Continue reading Movies and Video Games – Star Wars: The Awakening of The Force

Playing video games

Playing video games as an escape to the problems

Always he had the impression that it is the worst thing a person could do to escape from difficult situations. Especially when you’re a kid and you’re still growing. We are told from an early age that was just pure escapism, a temporary way to leave the world behind and bury our heads in the sand. Continue reading Playing video games as an escape to the problems

Video Games

As video games affect our lives

Video games have always been frowned upon by many parents and experts as a means that wastes time and negatively affects the brain. To this is added the handicap of the media, which offer a negative image of establishing that racial or violent behavior in young people are related to this subject games sector.

Luckily over the years this has been changing gradually, and there are now many who see it favorably. Even neuroscientists have concluded that video games improve the skills of the player himself. Continue reading As video games affect our lives

Star Wars: Battlefront

Video games without campaign fun half

This generation seems that little by little has been getting interesting, and near future catalog offers attractive game titles like a game of Star Wars and a new release of veteran tactical simulator Rainbow Six.

Few sensations can be compared to the excitement experienced by a lover of Star Wars, and video games in general, when it announces a new title set in the popular space epic operetta. So when Star Wars: Battlefront promised to usher in the most important battles of the original films, with DICE developer, experts in recreating with great success the essence and atmosphere of the battlefields, quickly we started to shine our storm trooper armor and dream of thrilling dogfights at the height of the unforgettable SW: Rogue Squadron. Continue reading Video games without campaign fun half