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E3 2016

The best and the worst: E3 2016

Another E3 we’ve seen happen, a fair that has always been synonymous with big surprises, excitement and good games, but took a few years experiencing that annoying feeling that much of the magic that surrounded this event has completely disappeared in favor of economic interest and figures. In our last special we have set our critical opinion about the new advanced versions of PS4 and Xbox, more decisive and aggressive action of an industry that for some years has begun an increasingly rapid descent into hell.

The truth is that I have much to say about this E3 2016, no more than a handful of titles I found interesting. Of all that has been at the show I can say that now I feel like the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild, its most advanced concept sandbox (has always been an open world) may allow us to reach a new level of greatness within of the series thanks to its exciting possibilities. A good reason to grab a Wii U instead of a Scorpio or Neo. Continue reading The best and the worst: E3 2016