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The Best Platforms of The Story: Super Mario World

If I had to pick five games to take to a deserted colony on Mars, Super Mario World would certainly be one of the chosen, a statement I have always been present and that curiously’ve heard or read to more than one person.

Is not only my favorite installment of the series, followed closely by Super Mario Land for Game Boy, I think that is the ultimate Mario, exact and precise formula and a genus level. All of a timeless classic able to make you enjoy this same time as it did the first day, something that cannot boast the vast majority of video games. There are many reasons why I have great esteem for SMW, but first must acknowledge that there is an emotional phone since it was next to Street Fighter II, my first game for Super Nintendo.

Beyond sentimentality and melancholy that produce the great classics, there are other rational reasons that make this game one of the best platforms ever created, but the best. When I think of, I winging my mind is the layout of your map, one of the first and exciting virtual worlds that I explored. Such a map, an incredible various plasma kingdom evolves your way, even keeping secrets and hidden levels that lead to even more magical areas if possible. This interconnected world allows us to orient ourselves and levels can be played again and again in search of secret or simply for the pleasure of repeating any of its fantastic levels. A novelty in the saga. Continue reading The Best Platforms of The Story: Super Mario World