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LEGO Marvel Avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis

Marvel heroes are back with the sequel to the great LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and we have you all in our analysis of LEGO Marvel Avengers, which reaches all next generation consoles and the last cycle machines and PC.

It is a tradition that TT Games and Warner Bros gifting us the fabulous players adventure set in a large number of successful characters and licenses, but always under the prism of LEGO particularly. A formula already known, however, not surprises us with new playable and unquestionable overall quality in each of their deliveries. Two years ago, we received the first title starring the legendary Marvel superheroes, a wonderful adventure action which delighted fans of both parts of the known toy building as the known franchise. A high quality proposal that also had all the good sense of humor that characterize all titles of this now classic video game franchise.

Like its predecessor, its continuation is be quite playable delight, pure also for lovers of proposals cooperatives will enjoy this adaptation to the world of LEGO of hilarious gold films Marvel The Avengers and The Age of Ultron, also some of the most incredible moments of cinematic Marvel universe through six of the films of Marvel Studios. Continue reading LEGO Marvel Avengers analysis