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Analysis Firewatch

As players we are, we are used to living adventures and situations from perspectives and characters of diverse cultures. Firewatch is one of those games that manages to add a new role to your list of digital roles, putting this time in the role of a vigilante fire-fighting first-timer, an ordinary guy who has decided to put aside his complicated life to go a season to Mount Curran (how simple and wonderful is everything in the world of video games, eh)

Adventure Campo Santo immediately aims to immerse the player in his immersive and personal, something that gets almost from the beginning, through its narrative and the way in which presents his protagonist, Henry. His life begins through some of the most important stages and before you start playing, the player involved in that story taking a series of decisions that seem to write the script, while a dramatic melody serves to accompany us to the current situation Henry lives, moments before accepting his new job Firewatch. Continue reading Analysis Firewatch