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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes, if you get rid of permanent death, it is by the weight of your name

Being able to play ‘Fire Emblem’ from anywhere is one of the great pleasures of Nintendo’s laptops, but we do not always carry a 3DS in our pocket. Not even the Game Boy Advance SP, one of the most cocas. Hence, the idea of bringing the saga to the world of mobile phones seemed like a dream that materialized … until we hit reality.

Sprinkled by the casualization of games for smartphones, not even a franchise as demanding as ‘Fire Emblem’ has been rid of this kind and, why not say, restrictive face based on waiting times and / or micropayments, staying at Half way. A path that will not satisfy even the most stubborn fans, nor will it know how to show the profane.

And yet, it’s not as bad as you might expect. Yeah, it just bites us. But due to its completest nature, as if a Pok√©mon to use was.

Fire Emblem’s most mythical heroes!

Everything in ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ is reduced to the minimum expression, as we discussed in our advance of last month. Nintendo has chosen to dispense with many of its identity with the goal of bringing more of this series of Intelligent Systems, so minority (unfortunately).

Its greatest asset, of course, is to be able to count on the services of a myriad of heroes from this franchise since its inception in 1990. There will not be any of the most important, like Marth, Roy, Lyn, and a very long etcetera, until arriving to the recent ‘Fire Emblem Fates’. The problem is how we serve them on a tray.

We will no longer recruit by completing missions or talking to our Lords, but by spending Orbs given to us by completing major story battles (or bonuses given by the game itself for different events). And as if it were a lottery, in addition, being able to obtain heroes that we already had, which we can sell by Plumas (indispensable object to promote units) or merge to create a version of it.

The story here is the least. In fact, it is rather loose and only serves as an excuse to bring together all these heroes, where, incidentally, some new ones will appear, such as Alfonse and Sharena, as well as the new villain in turn, Veronica. The only truly challenging). Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes, if you get rid of permanent death, it is by the weight of your name