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EA Sports adjusts the player stats in FIFA

Let’s talk about figures: ‘FIFA 17’ comes from the hand of over 700 licensed clubs and more than 18,000 players. If we consider the individual parameters of each player and coaches and all values are updated periodically, we conclude that EA has to reshuffle and catalog 5.4 million qualifications and data. Little joke!

Very soon, they meet the 25 years of the EA Sports soccer license, and can say that with a delivery by year Рand some spin-offs and commemorative editions. РHave had time to develop a system capable of comparing such data Version short is that it is ojímetro, but complete is much more interesting.

Responsible for the quality score of each player is none other than Michael Mueller-Moehring, but by logic alone does not collect the millions of data from each of the players and rate them according to the mood will come. It has a team of 9,000 scouts scattered throughout the world and through an interview for ESPN tells how the process works. Continue reading EA Sports adjusts the player stats in FIFA