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In Depth: Doom

Mars, the big red demon, a sort of nemesis that ruthlessly crushes the man. Unexplored terrain, inhospitable desert and deadly, both in fiction and in reality achieve is a difficult challenge for humans. If one day we came to conquer, we will, we may find there the real hell, which since 1993 Doom has been commissioned to show.

Doom has never had a complex history, nor a charismatic protagonist and has not given cinematics to remember that serve as a prelude or excuse for the trail of death and caps that we stop our way. The truth is that it has never needed anything like that to dazzle our bellicose heart. Continue reading In Depth: Doom

Why Doom was so great and why we want more?

Viewing more than brief teaser that Bethesda has set this afternoon with the new ‘Doom’, that title whose leaders are knowing to lock with a blistering efficiency, little can say for now in favor of a title that aims to return this mythical franchise to its golden age, that they lived so long ago that many of today ‘s fans came to know neither.

But those who were lucky enough to see her birth and give rise to a whole era we know that behind these four letters fits always expect the best, so it is normal that our excitement knows no limits now.

Until 15 June, when the appearance of Bethesda in scheduled E3 2015, we cannot really appreciate what it takes in hand the veteran team id Software with this fourth chapter, eleven years later and the launch of ‘Doom 3’. Continue reading Why Doom was so great and why we want more?