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Dangerous Golf

Analysis Dangerous Golf

In this life, few things bust me more than wrong with a video game and that is exactly what has happened to me Dangerous Golf. What apparently seemed an unusual game of golf, funny and goofy, those that you download to enjoy during short periods has proven to be a complete disappointment in my “other games” for the summer?

Honestly, I do not like golf and serious titles based on the sport even less. However, if there is something I love in a game of truth is the possibility of destroying things in real time, altering a scenario by direct action of the player has always seemed to me one of the best and funniest advances that a video game can provide to user.

At first this title Three Fields Entertainment seemed interesting for two reasons: first because of the high destructive component showing detailed scenarios, and second; all that destruction was wrapped up by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, former members of Criterion and my beloved creators of Burnout . Fun seemed guaranteed. Continue reading Analysis Dangerous Golf